Event Directors Checklist

Here's a quick event director's checklist. Make sure you also read the complete Event Director's Guide, too.

(Updated 23 Dec, 2010)

  • All controls are hung, adequate water is on the course.
  • Epunch computer equipment and rental SI-cards are with you or on the way.
  • Epunch set-up crew will be there at least a half hour before the first start.
  • A couple extra control flags, stands and epunch boxes.
  • Registration forms (regular and express) & clipboards.
  • Maps are bagged and some extra map bags are available.
  • Clue sheets for maps and extra loose clue sheets. (to post at registration and for people with arm carriers)
  • Cash box with money to make change, know how much is already in there. (There should always be $30 in the box, mostly in ones)
  • Map drawing templates, blank maps, and purple/red pens in case you run out and have to draw extra maps.
  • String to hang results.
  • Staplers and staples.
  • Pens that work.
  • Scissors.
  • Tables and chairs as needed for start/finish/registration/epunch.
  • Tarps or tents if there is a chance for bad weather and shelter is not available for workers.
  • Water, cups, and snacks for finish.
  • O-signs are hung for directions to parking.
  • Any club banners/signs/flags to display.
  • Streamer tape for finish.
  • Stands or sawhorses for E-punching clear/check/start/finish.
  • Trash bags.
  • If pin punching is being used add: pink cards, Start and finish forms, timers, extra controls, and punches.