Printing Courses on Maps

To overprint courses on existing maps you need a few things:

  1. The map has to exist as an OCAD file and you need that file. Fred Kruesi is in charge of distribution of OCAD map files for DVOA. In addition, the people who have printers generally have all of the files.
  2. OCAD or Condes. It is recommended that you use Condes. DVOA has a club license for the software. You must use version 7 and can obtain the license from one of the people who have a printer.
  3. The maps of the park you want to print the courses on. Often the people who print the maps have a supply of the maps, but you need to verify this.
  4. A color printer that will handle the maps.

If you have all of those things, setting it all up to print courses is not that hard. Fred Kruesi can talk you through it the first time. It can also be done using the help files that come with Condes.

The club owns 4 printers. Three of the printers will handle a sheet of paper up to 13 inches and one will handle a sheet of paper up to 17 inches. The printer inventory is as follows:

13 inch printers:

  • Bob Gross
  • Sandy Fillebrown
  • Ralph Tolbert

17 inch printer:

  • Fred Kruesi

Check the map size list for printer requirements.