Event Director's Page

Planning, organizing, and running an event can be a big job. The links in this section contain lots of useful information based on the experience gained from running events over many years.

Some key links for directors:

Event Director's and Course Setter's Admin Page

The Event Director and Course Setter Admin page will permit you to configure the volunteers needed for your event, select the precise location of your registation table, add a news article about your event to the home page, display course details about your event, and when the event is over file an event director's report. Make sure you check out this page - it's a great tool to help publicize your event!

Event Director's and Course Setter's Admin Page

Event Schedule

A PDF version of the event schedule is available. Please download, print, and distribute at your event!

Express Checklist Posted

Starting 2011 the Express Checklist includes all current members and is available for Event Director(s) and Course Setter(s) via new Admin page.

Kitchen Kit

Steve Aronson has been the Hickory Run cook for many years. During his tenure as cook he has been buying various pots, pans, and other cooking utensils. There are owned by the club and available for other events.


If you are using e-punching at your event, please contact Ron Bortz to arrange for the equipment. Please contact Sandy Fillebrown to find an e-punch setup person. If you have already recruited someone, please let Sandy know so she doesn't spend time looking for someone.

Epunch Setup Instructions Zip file with PDF and Word files

Clue and PrntCtrl

Fred Kruesi's Clue program is available for download. PrntCtrl can be downloaded here.

Condes Software

DVOA has purchased a license for the Condes software. Please visit the Condes Home Page for information about the program and to download a copy. You will need to contact Tom Overbaugh for a license to use the program. Note: our license is for DVOA sponsored events only!


Why not add a Sprint-O course to your event? What's a Sprint-O course? Sprint courses are set to be relatively easy (White-Orange) and have a winning time around ~15 minutes. This emphasizes fast decision making and fast forest running. Also it does NOT require that you have 1 hour+ of running endurance and years of navigational experience to do reasonably well. One advantage of a short course like this is you can easily run it twice on the same day. This can be a GREAT learning experience, because on the second time around see (and feel) how fast you _could_ have done the course the first time, IF your navigation was perfect. Even better, the events may be set up with a Mass-Start Sprint, say at 1 pm after people have finished other coures, to see how well you do head-to-head in the forest.

Geez, I've already got a ton of work to do. How much more work will this make for me? In the simplest case, the Yellow (or even White) can _be_ the Sprint course! All you need to do is pick a mass-start time (say 1pm) and announce it as a Sprint (e.g. contact Ed Scott, or send an email to dvoa@yahoogroups.com)

Why do it? You'll probably get several more orienteers out to your event who want to run the 'sprint' than you would normally get for just the White & Yellow courses.

Bottom line: It's easy to add a Sprint to your event.

OK, I'm interested, who can I ask for help?. Easy, send an email to dvoat (at) yahoogroups (dot) com. You'll find the people on the dvoat email list to be very helpful. Just tell them you're thinking about a Sprint-O and they'll be glad to offer suggestions and advice.