Charcoal Platforms

Ever wonder what a charcoal platform or a Collier's hut looks like? Long time DVOA member sent in some photos showing a charcoal platform and Collier's hut.

The photos on this page were taken by club member Steve Aronson's father in 1964 at Hopewell Furnace. In those days they were allowed to light fires for a week or so as a demonstration. The federal government has made rules about how the fires need to be tended by two people at all times now, so the demos are only about four feet tall. As a result, no one has to climb on top to get the air inside, and the fire is out in three or four days. The top picture shows twenty cords of wood ready to be covered. The bottom photo shows a typical Collier's Hut. Yes, that is Steve Aronson in both shots.

Steve wanted to share these photos so people could get an idea of how large the piles were and what the platforms were for.

Charcoal Platform
Charcoal Platform

Colliers Hut
Collier's Hut