Orienteering Library

As a part of your DVOA membership you have full borrowing rights from the DVOA library. The library is brought to many of the full events. Your borrowing time is not limited to only a few weeks but we ask that you return what you borrow when you have completed using it. The library has a sign-out sheet where you can record what you borrow and then record what you return.


Title / Description Lib Num Format
25 Bicycle Tours In New Jersey 91 Paperback
4-H Orienteering 26 Folder
A Field Guide To The Pine Barrens Of New Jersey 132 Paperback
A Four Day Lesson Plan For The BSA Orienteering Merit Badge 170 In folder
Advanced 0-Technique Training 82 Worksheet
America's Greatest Walks, A Traveler's Guide To 100 Scenic Adventures 160 Paperback
America's Trails: A Directory Of Organizations And Managing Agencies, 1995 165 Paperback
An Assessment Of The Impact Of The November Classic Badge Event 1988 On The New Forest 154 In Folder
Appalachian Hiker - Adventure of a Lifetime 158 Paperback
Armchair Orienteering: (Armchair 1) A Practical Guide To Reading Maps 46 Spiral-bound
Armchair Orienteering: A Practical Guide To Route Planning (Armchair II) 81 Spiral-bound
Backpacking One Step At A Time 159 Paperback
Be Expert With Map And Compass - The Orienteering Handbook 4 Paperback
Beyond My Compass 52 Booklet
Cadette And Senior Girls Scouts Orienteering Interest Patch Requirements 169 In Folder
Card Game - Domino (Orienteering) 137 Card Game
Carte Et Boussle (French equivalent of Be Expert with Map and Compass) 70 Paperback
Circular Orienteering 51 Booklet
Clue Sheet - A Graphic Editor for Orienteering Course Descriptions On The Mac Computer 156 3-1/2 disk
CLUE - A Windows-Based Computer Program For Printing Control Descriptions 153 3-1/2 disk
Coaching Orienteering 131 Spiral-bound
Course Planning 36,39 Paperback
Cross Country Orienteering (Written in Chinese) 87 Paperback
Directions 21 Pamphlet
Discover The Adirondak High Peaks 101 Paperback
Discover The Eastern Adirondacks 93 Paperback
Discover The Northern Adirondacks 94 Paperback
Discover The Northwestern Adirondacks 103 Paperback
Discover Southern Adirondacks - Walks, Waterways And Winter Treks 168 Paperback
Discover The West Adirondacks 92 Paperback
DQ - A Basic Manual For Beginning Orienteers 7 Paperback
Drawing Specifications For International Orienteering Maps 59 Booklet
Drawing Specifications For International Orienteering Maps 17 Booklet
DVOA Warwick Meet, March 8, 1987 75 Video
Easy Jigsaw Puzzle 69 Jigsaw Puzzle
Elementary Orienteering Instructor's Handbook 110 Paperback
Field Guide To The Geology Of West Point 125 FoIder
Fifty Hikes In Central New York 175 Paperback
Fifty Hikes In Eastern Pennsylvania 31 Paperback
Fifty Hikes In Eastern Pennsylvania, 2nd edition 99 Paperback
Fifty Hikes In Ohio 117 Paperback
Fifty Hikes In The Adirondacks, revised edition 95 Paperback
Fifty Hikes In The White Mountains 104 Paperback
Fifty Hikes In Vermont 113 Paperback
Fifty Hikes In Western New York 114 Paperback
Fifty Hikes In Western Pennsylvania 115 Paperback
Fit To Eat: Collection Of Nutritious Recipes For Active People 67,10 0 Spiral-bound
Forgotten Towns Of Southern New Jersey 177 Paperback
Galloway's Book On Running 73 Paperback
Girl Scout Orienteering Badge Requirements 135 In Folder
Hear Peter Run: A Listener's Guide 133 In Folder
Hikes And Bike Rides For The Delaware Valley And South Jersey 6 Paperback
History Of Delaware Valley Orienteering Association The First 15 Years 35 In Folder
How To Sh.. In The Woods, An Environmentally Sound Approach To A Lost Art 176 Paperback
Intro To Orienteering - A Handbook For Instructors 2 Booklet
Introducing And Developing Orienteering In The Primary School 54 Booklet
IOF Control Descriptions 43 Booklet
IOF rules For International Orienteering Events 42 Booklet
It's Easy To Find Your Way 77 Spiral-bound
Jigsaw Puzzle - 1987 U.S. Championships - George Washington Management Area, Gloucester RI 80 Jigsaw Puzzle
Jigsaw Puzzle: Harvey's Mazzle Of Central Scotland 147 Jigsaw Puzzle
Jigsaw Puzzle: Harvey's Mazzle No. 3, Scaffel 55 Jigsaw Puzzle
Jigsaw Puzzle: Harvey's Mazzle No. 7, Deeside 47 Jigsaw Puzzle
Jigsaw Puzzle: Harvey's Mazzle of Kinder Scout 121 Jigsaw Puzzle
Jim Fixx's Second Book Of Running 162 Hardcover
Kiwi Sport Orienteering Coaching Manual 129 Spiral-bound
Know The Game - Orienteering 1 Booklet
Land Navigation Handbook: The Sierra Club Guide To Map And Compass 74 Paperback
Learn Orienteering 14 Pamphlet
Learning Orienteering Step By Step 96 Paperback
Lesson Plans - Orienteering (Games And Exercises) 79 Spiral-bound
Lesson Plans - Maps And Navigation 78 Spiral-bound
Map Reading And Land Navigation, Field Manual No 21-26 151 Paperback
Map Symbol Bingo 111 Board Game
Mapmaking For Orienteers 8,49 Paperback
Mapping For Orienteers 112 Video
Miles To Go 57 Video
Miscellaneous Orienteering Programs Taped From TV 58 Video
Modern Orienteering Training 29 Paperback
Murder At The 14th Control 68 Paperback
Nature Walks Near Philadelphia 172 Paperback
New England Orienteering Club 34 Booklet
New Jersey's Special Places 120 Paperback
OCAD Demo Disk for IBM PC 142 3 1/2 disk
Organizing a Rogaine 144 Paperback
Organizing Informal Meets 12 Pamphlet
Orienteering 5 Hardcover
Orienteering 88 Video
Orienteering 24 Booklet
Orienteering - A Map And A Compass, The Thinking Sport, vol. 1 157 Video
Orienteering - a Way Of Learning Outdoor Navigation 179 Paperback
Orienteering - All Welcome 89 Video
Orienteering - Establishing An Educational Program For Beginners 171 Folder
Orienteering - The Sport Of Navigating With Map And Compass 178 Paperback
Orienteering And Map Games For Teachers 166 Paperback
Orienteering At Jacque's Coulee 41 Booklet & Cassette
Orienteering Bibliography 26 Folder
Orienteering For Sport And Pleasure 15 Paperback
Orienteering For The Young 16 Paperback
Orienteering For The Young 124 Booklet
Orienteering Handbook 60 Paperback
Orienteering Instructor's Manual 45 Spiral-bound
Orienteering Map Of Central Park, New York City 50 Folder
Orienteering Mapping Manual 123 Spiral-bound
Orienteering North America, December 1992 (US Championships French Creek East) 145 Magazine
Orienteering North America, November 1993 (World Orienteering Championships - HVO area) 148 Magazine
Orienteering On Permanent Courses 86 Booklet
Orienteering Skills And Strategies 61 Paperback
Orienteering Training And Coaching 44 Spiral-bound
Orienteering Training And Performance 107 Paperback
Orienteering USA, Vol. 10, No 9 33 Magazine
Orienteering VCR (1978 Richmond, Virginia "O" Event) + Swedish Oringen) 116 Video
Orienteering World 150 Magazine
Orienteering York Region At Bruce’s Mills 152 Folder
Orienteering - A Sense Of Direction Filmed at the WorId Championships in Australia 64 Video
Orienteering Growth Patterns In The United States 38 Folder
Orienteering The Adventure Game 76 Booklet
Orienteering: The Skill Of The Game 140 Paperback
Outdoor Orienteering 134 5 1/4 disk
Outdoor Survival, A Game About Wilderness Skills 139 Board Game
Preliminary Rules For Orienteering Competition Within The USA 11 Booklet
Price List And Catalog Of Merchandise, Orienteering Unlimited, Inc. 56 Folder
Principles Of Course Planning 19 Booklet
Protect Yourself From Lyme Disease 130 Paperback
Rastivuosi 1998 (In Finnish Language) 127 Hardcover
Rogaine File 143 Folder
Route Techniques Of Orienteering 62 Booklet
Simple Maps For Orienteering 119  
Ski Orienteering 48 Folder
So You Want To Know About Orienteering 25 Booklet
Stalking The Wild Asparagus 85 Paperback
Start Orienteering With 10 - 12 Year Olds: A scheme Of Work For Primary Teachers 167 Booklet
Start Orienteering With 6 - 8 year Olds: A scheme Of Work For Primary Teachers 118 Booklet
Start Orienteering With 8 -9 year Olds: A Scheme Of Work For Primary Teachers 109 Booklet
Start Orienteering With 9 -10 Year Olds 97 Booklet
Start Orienteering; Games For Learning Orienteering Skills For 7 - 12 Year Olds 136 Booklet
Tackle Orienteering 53 Paperback
Teaching Orienteering 23  
Teaching Orienteering - A Handbook for Teachers, Instructors and Coaches 84 Paperback
Teaching Orienteering As Club Activity Using The Direct Method 9 Booklet
The Basic Essentials Of Map & Compass 128 Paperback
The Basic Essentials Of Map And Compass 174 Paperback
The Complete Book Of Running 161 Hardcover
The Complete Walker 66 Hardcover
The Effect Of The May 1991 O-Event On The Breeding Bird Community Of Brandon Park 155 Folder
The Great American Runners Guide: Running Safely & Conveniently While Traveling 138 Paperback
The Hardy Boys, Case File # 75, No Way Out 146 Paperback
The Nature Of Thin 164 Newsletter
The News From Lake Wobegon 163 Folder
The O' Gang Again 141 Paperback
The O' Course 71 Board Game
The O' Game 72 Board Game
The O' Game (O' Bingo) 65 Board Game
The O' Gang 108 Paperback
The Orienteers' Reminder 13 Brochure
The Orienteering Book 22 Paperback
The Orienteering Handbook 10 Booklet
The Outward Bound Map And Compass Handbook 173 Paperback
The Penguin Book Of Orienteering: The Complete Guide To The Sport For Everyone 37 Paperback
The Pine Barrens 90 Paperback
The Race Of His Life And Other Orienteering Stories 30 Booklet
Trail Orienteering, An Outdoor Activity For People With Disabilities 180 Paperback
Trails - Guides, Maps, Books For The Backpacker, Canoeist And Other Wayward Souls 40 Booklet
Trim Orienteering 20 Booklet
USOF Meet Sanctioning Booklet 27 Booklet
USOF Orienteering Bylaws And Rules For National Competition 28 Booklet
Video Tape Of The 1993 World Championships 149 Video
Video Tape: From The Classroom To The Forest 98 Video
Video Tape: The ABC's Of Compass And Map 122 Video
Walks & Rambles In Dutchess & Putnam Counties 106 Paperback
Walks & Rambles In The Upper Connecticut River Valley 102 Paperback
Walks And Rambles On The Delmarva Peninsula: A Guide For Hikers And Naturalists 63 Paperback
Waterfalls Of The White Mountains - 30 Trips To 100 waterfalls 105 Paperback
Ways To Play: Recreation Alternatives 18 Hardcover
World Class Orienteering 83  
Your Way With Map And Compass - Orienteering 3 Paperback