Educational Services

One of DVOA's primary goals is to promote orienteering through educational programs. DVOA through its Educational Services (ES) group sponsors a whole range of activities related to orienteering. DVOA-ES volunteers provide programs such as adult evening classes at local high schools, school day programs, Girl Scout and Boy Scout programs and events, park recreation and community outdoor programs and events, displays at retailers on club days and local libraries and with corporations on outdoor team building.

The DVOA-ES program was founded in 1984 by volunteers Denise Monaghan-Carles, Patty Capriotti-Haynes, and Mark Frank with the support of DVOA. Today, DVOA-ES has grown to more than 10 regular educators and volunteers supporting a wide variety of programs teaching more than 40 programs a year.

For information about DVOA's Educational Services please contact:

Primary Contact:
Mary Frank, Director DVOA-ES
(H) 610-792-0502 or (C) 610-310-4675

Secondary contact:
Mark Frank, Asst. Dir. DVOA-ES
(H) 610-792-0502

14 Lake Drive
Spring City, PA 19475-2721