March 21 & 22, 2015

On Saturday March 21st and Sunday March 22nd, DVOA is pleased to offer two days of Classic orienteering. Together with the 2015 US Trail O’ Championships, the event will be the 2015 US National Schools Championships (incorporating the US Interscholastic Championships, and the US Intercollegiate Championships).


Day 1 by Class
Day 1 by Course
Day 1 Splits
Route Gadget for Saturday's Courses
Day 1 Trail O Results
Day 1 Trail O Solutions
Day 1 Trail O Course

Day 2 by Class
Day 2 by Course
Route Gadget for Sunday's Courses
Day 2 Splits
Day 2 Trail O Results Note: control #9 from Tyler was voided from the results
Day 2 Trail O Solutions
Day 2 Trail O Course

Interscholastic Team Results
Intercollegiate Team Results
Two-day Results by Class
Two-day Results by Course
Trail O Two-Day Combined

Final Event/Course Notes now available.

>> Download Final Event/Course Notes (updated 3/16/2015)

>> Download Trail O course notes

>> Download Model Course Map

Interscholastic and Intercollegiate competitors register here
Trail-O regsitration can be done at either registration site.
Registration for Interscholastics and Intercollegiates
View Registered entrants for the Interscholastics and Intercollegiates

Non-Interscholastic and Non-Intercollegiate competitors register here
Registration for Fox Chaser II A-event
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The event will take place 20 miles west of Philadelphia.
Day 1 will use a revised and expanded map of Ridley Creek State Park.
Day 2 will take place at Tyler Arboretum on a new map.

Event Officials

Event Director: Roger Hartley
Registrar:Valerie Meyer, Sandy Ahlswede, Sandy Fillebrown:
OUSA Course Consultant: Peter Goodwin
Course Setters: Sam Reed and Clem McGrath
Vetting: Ralph Tolbert
Results: Valerie Meyer
TrailO: Karl Ahlswede


Friday, March 20th
2:00pm - dusk: Model Event Open. Print your own map (link above).
5:30pm - 9:30pm: registration packet pick-up at the event hotel, Days Hotel, 943 South High Street, West Chester, PA 19382.

Saturday, March 21st
Individual Classic courses and Trail O’ at Ridley Creek State Park.
8:30am – 10.00am: Packet pick-up at the Saturday event center at Ridley Creek State Park.
9:30am – First competitive starts
10:30am - 12:00pm Recreational courses registration and starts available
11:00am First Trail-O starts
2:00pm (approximately) Last Trail-O starts
6:00pm: Dinner at the event hotel, Days Hotel, 943 South High Street, West Chester, PA 19382.

Sunday, March 22nd
Individual Classic courses and Trail O’ at Tyler Arboretum.
8:00am – 9:30am: Packet pick-up at the Sunday event center at Tyler Arboretum.
9:00am: First competitive starts
10:00am – 11:30am: Recreational courses registration and starts available
10:00am First Trail-O starts
1:00pm (approximately) Last Trail-O starts
2:00pm (or as soon as possible): Awards

Start times will be assigned so that participants may compete in both the Trail-O Championships and the Interscholastics, Intercollegiates or A event.


Late fees will be added to entries after March1.
Entries for the Interscholastic and Intercollegiate Championships will not be accepted after March 8. Late entries for all competitors will be accepted subject to map availability.

Please note that the fees reflect a per person park fee that we are collecting for the park and the new higher OUSA sanctioning fees for championship events.

Per Day By March 1 March 2-8 March 9-20 Race Day OUSA/IOF
Member Discount
Intercollegiate and Interscholastic Classes
Juniors 20 and under
(YB 1995 & later)
$24 $34 n/a n/a $2
Adults 21+
(YB 1994 & earlier)
$42 $52 n/a n/a $4
Non-Championship Classes 
Juniors 20 and under
(YB 1995 & later)
$24 $34 $40 $50 $2
Adults 21+
(YB 1994 & earlier)
$42 $52 $60 $70 $4
Trail-O: March 21 and 22
Juniors 20 and under
(YB 1995 & later)
$15 $18 $20 $20 $2
Adults 21+
(YB 1994 & earlier)
$26 $30 $36 $36 $4

E-punch Rental: $3 per day; $40 if not returned
Dinner: $16 per person; under 10 years of age is $10 (see below for more details)
T-Shirt: $16 (see below for more details)

Interscholastic and Intercollegiate competitors register here
Trail-O regsitration can be done at either registration site.
Registration for Interscholastics and Intercollegiates
View Registered entrants for the Interscholastics and Intercollegiates

Non-Interscholastic and Non-Intercollegiate competitors register here
Registration for Fox Chaser II A-event
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Recreational Courses

  • White and Yellow recreational courses will be available on both Saturday and Sunday.
    Pre-registration is not required, but please contact the Registrar if you are planning to bring a group of five or more people.
  • Saturday fees: Adults $10 per map, Juniors (20 years and younger) $7 per map
  • Sunday fees: Adults $18 per map, Juniors (20 years and younger) $12 per map
    The fees include an electronic punch and a compass if needed.
    Registration and start times are 10:30am – 12:00pm on Saturday, and10:00 am – 11.30am on Sunday. On each day, there is a 3 hour time limit.

For both days, the registration and starts for these courses are located near the event parking. Instruction will be available.

Model Event

The model event will be open from 2.00pm until dusk on Friday, March 20 at Ridley Creek SP. Please print your own map and supply your own map case if desired.

Download PDF of map here.

From the NE, E and SE, take the Rte. 3 exit from I-476. Follow Rte. 3 west for 6.1 miles to Edgmont. Turn left (south) onto Providence Road for 1.4 miles, and turn right (west) onto Gradyville Road. The park entrance is 1.1 miles on the left hand side. The park entrance on Gradyville Road is at 39.955671, -75.451581.

From the NW, W and SW, from US. 202 follow Rte. 926 east for 4.2 miles, and turn right (south) onto Rte. 352 for 2.4 miles. Turn left onto Gradyville Road (east) and follow for 1.3 miles to the park entrance on the right hand side.

Orienteering signs will lead to the model event parking area from the park entrance. Parking is at Area 17 at GPS 39.943332, -75.435093

Eligibility for US Championships

The OUSA Rules of Competition at give the following eligibility requirements:
The title of U.S. Orienteering Champion in any class as determined at an officially designated U.S. Orienteering Championship Event shall be limited to any person who meets both of the following criteria:

  1. Is a regular member in good standing of Orienteering USA
  2. Is either a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States of America

Further details and requirements for eligibility for the US Interscholastic Championships are given in section A.36
Further details and requirements for eligibility for the US Intercollegiate Championships are given in section A.35

Details for Trail-O eligibility are given in section D.11

Class/Course Structures

US Interscholastic Championships
There are 12 championship categories for the Individual Competition:

  • Individual ISVM (Interscholastic Varsity Male)
  • Individual ISVF (Interscholastic Varsity Female)
  • Individual ISJVF (Interscholastic Junior Varsity Male)
  • Individual ISJVM (Interscholastic Junior Varsity Female)
  • Individual ISIM (Interscholastic Intermediate Male – up to grade 9)
  • Individual ISIF (Interscholastic Intermediate Female – up to grade 9)
  • Individual ISPM (Interscholastic Primary Male – up to grade 6)
  • Individual ISPF (Interscholastic Primary Female – up to grade 6)
  • Individual JROTC ISVM (Interscholastic Varsity Male)
  • Individual JROTC ISVF (Interscholastic Varsity Female)
  • Individual JROTC ISJVM (Interscholastic Junior Varsity Male)
  • Individual JROTC ISJVF (Interscholastic Junior Varsity Female)

There are 8 team categories. Teams are comprised of 3-5 individuals.  See the OUSA Rules of Competition for details on team eligibility:

  • Team School Varsity
  • Team School Junior Varsity
  • Team School Intermediate
  • Team Club Varsity
  • Team Club Junior Varsity
  • Team Club Intermediate
  • Team JROTC Varsity
  • Team JROTC Junior Varsity

US Intercollegiate Championships
There are 4 classes for the Individual Competition:

  • ICVM: Intercollegiate Varsity Males
  • ICVF: Intercollegiate Varsity Females
  • ICJVM: Intercollegiate Junior Varsity Males
  • ICJVF: Intercollegiate Junior Varsity Females

There are 3 team categories:

  • Team School Junior Varsity
  • Team School Varsity
  • Team Club Varsity

US Trail-O Championships
There are 3 classes:

  • Open
  • Paralympic
  • Junior (20 years and younger)

Classes are assigned to the following courses according to the following table:













































M/F White













































































It is very likely that the Orange, Brown and Green courses (at least) will be split.  Details as to which classes will be assigned to which split course will be posted at a later date.

Map & Course Notes

Saturday: Ridley Creek State Park, 1:10,000, 5m contours.
Download PDF of old Ridley Map
See the DVOA RouteGadget site to browse past events on the Ridley Map
Course Setter: Sam Reed

Day 1 Map and Course Notes

The Map:
The Ridley map was last updated in 2014 by Marian Cotirta, adding a previously unmapped area to the north of Gradyville Road. The map is scaled at 1:10,000 with 5 meter contours. Smaller updates were done by the course setters in 2015.

Due to the geometry of the area and the required finishing area, some courses will not be able to visit the new area. There will be two start locations: one on the north side of Gradyville Road and one on the south side. Blue, Red, and both Green courses will start at the northern start location and all others will start closer to the venue at the southern start location.

As a result of the large area covered by courses from two start locations, all courses couldn't fit onto the same map layout. Therefore, there will be two printings of the Ridley map: “Ridley North,” customized to fit Blue, Red, and Greens and “Ridley South” designed to fit the needs of the Browns, Oranges, Yellows, and White. The overlap region of the two layouts includes the finish area, but not the extremes to the north and south. The northern start is found only on the Ridley North layout and the southern start only on the Ridley South map.

Terrain Conditions:
Ridley can be described as hilly and thick. Thorns have taken over large sections of the map, making some places completely impassible. Undergrowth (indicated by the vertical green slash symbol) can't be mapped over green woods—only on top of white woods—leaving quite a bit of uncertainty as to weather a section of woods has thorns if it's mapped green. My best advice is to check nearby areas that are mapped white to see if undergrowth is present. Even with perfect map knowledge, some thorns are inevitable on Blue, Red, Greens, Browns, and Oranges, so it's recommended to have some protection. Rock features are sparse, so even some very small rocks are mapped, as low as a third of a meter. Rocky ground can often be negotiated without needing to step on rocks.

Course Numbers:










Green X



Green Y



Brown X



Brown Y



Orange X



Orange Y



Yellow X



Yellow Y






Out of Bounds:
There are a number of private houses in Ridley. No course has any reason to go through their property, but the areas are emphasized by means of vertical pink slash.

Driving in:
Parking is rather deep into the park (signs will lead you there from the entrance). All courses will cross this road at some point. Drivers—please drive carefully. Runners—take care on internal park road crossings. I don't suspect these roads to have much traffic other than orienteers.

Control Numbers:
Control numbers will be from 101 to 179. This is a lot of controls for one event; remember to check control numbers.

The North Start:
These notes are directed to those on Blue, Red, Green X, and Green Y.

  • These courses will require taking a bus from the main parking area to the start location. To ensure making it to the start on time, be ready to get on the bus 35 minutes before your start time. The bus should take about 7 minutes to get to the drop-off point. From the bus drop-off on Gradyville Road, the walk to the start call-up line is about 250 meters, or about a 5 minute flat walk.
  • Gradyville Road is unsafe and entirely out of bounds. There is one and only one safe crossing point—a tunnel that goes under the road. The courses are set such that the only viable route choice is to go under this bridge. The road will also be marked with pink Xs. Being seen on Gradyville Road will result in disqualification. Because the optimal path is obvious, there are no marked routes or other special considerations at this underpass, or at any other place on any of the Day 1 courses. (Note, this is different than Day 2, where some courses will have road crossings that incorporate a time deduction. This situation is described in detail in the Day 2 course notes.)

The South Start:
These notes are directed to those on Brown X, Brown Y, Orange X, Orange Y, Yellow X, Yellow Y, and White.

  • The walk to start is about 1 kilometer, allow for 15 minutes of walking before your start time. Streamers will mark the path there.
  • Control 101 is a special feature, a pipeline marker. Only Yellow X uses this control.
  • On Yellow Y there is a deteriorating bridge over a small stream. The bridge could be useable if handled with care and the stream is small enough to cross without the bridge. Some route choices will not require crossing the stream whatsoever. Handle this situation within your athletic ability.

Sunday: Tyler Arboretum, 1:10,000, 5m contours.
Course Setter:
Clem McGrath

Day 2 Map and Course Notes

Terrain notes
Courses will be generally confined to lands belonging to the John J. Tyler Arboretum. The Tyler Arboretum covers 650 acres, or roughly 2.7 square kilometers, which accounts for over a quarter of the total acreage of privately protected land in Delaware County.

This is typical southeastern PA terrain. Model terrain and existing map of Ridley Creek State Park are highly relevant. It features a rather dense trail network, with 30 kilometers of trails crisscrossing a relatively confined area.

Roughly .5 square kilometers of the total area is surrounded by a very tall deer fence. This fence encloses the more formal gardens and plantings; the orienteering races will not enter this area.

Map notes
Like yesterday’s map, today’s was field-checked and drafted by Marian Cotirta in 2014. It is a 1:10,000 ISOM map with 5 meter contours. A legend is printed on the map. Small corrections were done by the course setter in early 2015.

There is a lot of vegetation detail on the map, which runners are encouraged to heed. Light and medium green can be traversed, but dark green and dense vertical slash are to be avoided. The ISOM 407 symbol (undergrowth: slow running) is applied within the forest and in rough open. In the forest, it is true to form. However, when seen in the rough open fields, this green can generally be ignored; the fields were mown over the winter and the briars and scrub remain fairly dormant.

Sunday Course notes










Green X



Green Y



Brown X



Brown Y



Orange X



Orange Y



Yellow X



Yellow Y






Because this is an arboretum, there are many sensitive areas. The most sensitive, as described above, will not feature in the courses. However, there are other ecologically sensitive areas and private property within and on the edges of the competition area. These will all be indicated with the ISOM 709 symbol. Some of these may have a dashed line border, indicating there may be intermittent markings on the ground. Not every out-of-bounds area will have streamering. On the map, such overprinting may look as follows:


There are many cases when the straight line between controls would go through an out-of-bounds area. In these cases, the line between the controls will be bent to go around, using the shortest possible (though not necessarily optimal) side of the obstacle. This could be depicted as follows:

Needless to say, it is grounds for disqualification to knowingly or unknowingly cross into a designated out-of-bounds area. Some of these areas may be monitored by event staff, Arboretum staff, and/or private property owners. Don’t risk it.

Road crossings
All green, red, and blue courses go out and back across a major public road with limited sightlines. Courses are designed to force runners to cross the road at the optimal points. At each crossing point, the near control (from which runners will depart) is very close to the road and may have a refreshment stop. The subsequent control is within 150 meters. In some cases, the subsequent control or control feature may be visible from the road. In each case, there will be a marked route, with intermittent streamering, between the road crossing and the subsequent control. These marked routes are indicated on the map and in the control descriptions.

These crossing points may be manned by event staff and/or emergency personnel. These staff will not be authorized to interfere with vehicular traffic in any manner. Nor will they interfere with runners. The staff’s function is to potentially offer a supplemental assessment of the crossing conditions at a particular time to runners present. Runners will cross the road solely at their own risk.

To reduce any incentive for runners to cross the road with less than the greatest possible care, the total time of the road crossing legs (2 legs on green, red, and blue courses) will be deducted from the total course time prior to results being declared final.

Aside from the road crossings, this road is also out of bounds. Running along this road is not permitted and moreover, is not an optimal route on any non-crossing leg. Away from the road crossings, the road is demarcated with ISOM symbol 711 (forbidden route) ‘X’s.

General Considerations
As suggested previously, the competition will be conducted within a small footprint. Many courses, particularly the longer courses, will therefore feature many changes in direction; courses may fold over themselves. There will be many controls in the forest. Careful attention to control numbers and descriptions is advised.

Trail O’

Final Course Notes now available.
Download Trail O course notes

Even though this is a National Championship event the courses will be suitable for newcomers. Refer to the document links below to get more detailed information about Trail Orienteering.

This will be a two day event with a course on both Saturday and Sunday. Each course will start with timed controls and have a set of standard Trail Orienteering stations following. Details regarding the courses (# of stations, length, etc.) will be available on the website the week before the event. The times and correct control count over the two days will be used to determine the O USA Trail O Champions in the Open and Paralympic divisions. Medals will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in each division. Juniors (age <=20 years) will be eligible for non-championship awards in the Junior Division in addition to any placing in the championship divisions.

Day One will be around the mansion area of Ridley Creek State Park. This will be a separate location from the Foot Orienteering competition center and can be accessed by car. Follow the signs posted from the main road to the Trail-O registration tent which will be located in the mansion parking lot. Please park near the registration tent so that we will have minimal impact on parking for other park visitors using this area. There will be restroom facilities near the model event and the timed control area.

***CHANGE: Please note that the shuttle bus is no longer be an option for traveling to and from the Trail-O on Saturday.***

Day Two will be in Tyler Arboretum. Parking is in the same location as for the Foot O competitions. The Trail-O registration tent will be near the start for the Foot O competitions. There will not be a model event. Restroom facilities are in the barn which will serve as the event center for the Foot O and Trail O competitions. Awards will be given at 2:00 pm or earlier if possible.

The map for Day One is updated to ISSOM standard with a scale of 1:4000 with 2.5 meter contour intervals. Day Two will use a new ISSOM standard map with scale 1:4000 with 2.5 meter contour intervals. Open black circles represent benches. If there are other non-standard symbols used these will be posted at least one week before the event and on the map legend.

Paper pin punches will be used for both days.

The courses will be open for competition starting at 11am on Saturday and 10am on Sunday. If you would like to start earlier than your assigned start time please feel free to do so. Early starts are encouraged but preference will be given to people starting at their assigned times.

After checking in at the registration tent and receiving a punch card, a marshal will tell you when you can proceed to the timed controls. The procedure for the timed controls is included on a separate page and there will be copies of these instructions at the start area. After the timed controls are completed you will be given the map for the remainder of the course.

The punch stations will be found along the competition pathway after the viewing station.  Only one punch at each station is allowed, multiple punches at a station will be considered an incorrect choice. Do not go into areas that have been marked out of bounds on the map and in the terrain.

The time limit has yet to be determined and will be posted at least one week before the event. A 1 point penalty for every 5 minutes past that cutoff will be incurred (for example: 1 point will be deducted if the finishing time is 1 second to 5 minutes overtime and 2 points for 5 minutes 1 second to 10 minutes overtime).

After punching at the last control, proceed to the finish. A copy of your answers will be kept for tabulation and one given to you. We will be using WTOC competition rules for scoring. Timed controls will only be counted for time. Thirty seconds for each control will be the limit and an incorrect answer will incur a 60 second penalty.

Answers for the course will be distributed at the event center after the last competitor has started, tentatively estimated to be 2pm on Saturday and 1pm on Sunday. Complaints and protests are to be finalized by 3 pm on Saturday and 130 pm on Sunday when the jury will meet for deliberations. Protests that are denied by the jury will incur a half-point penalty for each competitor filing the protest. The jury will have the authority to waive this penalty if they believe the protest was reasonable. There will be no penalty for filing a complaint regardless of the outcome. A final compilation of results will be available at 2pm. The results will be used for OUSA Rankings.

Here are 6 documents about Trail O that you might find useful:
1. Trail-O Hints for Beginners
2. Procedures for Timed Controls
3. Competition Rules for IOF Trail Orienteering Events
4. International Specification for Sprint Orienteering Maps
5. IOF Technical Guidelines for Elite Trail Orienteering
6. Technical Introduction to Trail-O for Experienced Foot Orienteering


The Event Hotel is the Days Hotel West Chester-Brandywine Valley, 943 South High Street, West Chester, PA 19382. There is a discounted group booking. Double-bedded room rates (may be queen or full beds) are $75 + 9% tax and King room rates (single bed) are $65 + 9% tax if booked by February 27th. These rates include a free breakfast (both hot and cold options offered). For reservations, call 610-692-9273. Ask for Chris, and mention Delaware Valley Orienteering Association.

Another convenient hotel is the Microtel Inn & Suites 500 Willowbrook Lane West Chester, Pa 19382 with a double occupancy discounted room rate of $79 + 9% tax, before Saturday February 21st. This includes a continental breakfast. Call (610) 738-9111, and mention Delaware Valley Orienteering Association.

Saturday Evening Dinner

6.00pm. At the event hotel, Days Hotel West Chester-Brandywine Valley, 943 South High Street, West Chester, PA 19382.
Cost: $16 per person ($10 for children 10 years and younger)
Menu:  Pasta dish (with a vegetarian option), salad and rolls, cookie tray, coffee, tea, iced tea.

Souvenir T-Shirts

Commemorative shirts (sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL) will be available for $16 per shirt.
Short-sleeve performance shirt

Event Center Mini-course

After finishing your regular course on Saturday, while waiting around for your friends to finish, be sure to check out the epunch mini-course. Several controls to get to and from in a small area requiring fast decision making, quick turns, and clean e-punching. Try it yourself, with a friend - even borrow someone's supposedly faster epunch and see if you can tell the difference.

SI-Card Rental

SI card rental is available for $3 per day with a $40 replacement fee if not returned.


Child Care
There will be no pre-set childcare available. Special arrangements can be made on an individual basis, with advanced notice to the Event Director no later than ten days prior to the event.  Please email to set this up.

Emergency Medical Services
EMS will be on site both days.

Ridley State Park requires all dogs to be kept on a lead at all times.
At Tyler Arboretum, no dogs at all are permitted within the main Arboretum area, which includes the parking area. (Identified and documented service dogs are allowed.)
Per OUSA ‘Rules for Foot Orienteering Events’, Section A.33.9, competitors shall not have any animals accompanying them on the course. Additionally, in order to ensure the safety of the competitors, and to avoid any possible distractions, dogs are prohibited from the Start and Finish areas, and from the arena.

Saturday. Toilets will be available at the event parking and at the Trail O’ site. Toilets will not be available at the bus drop-off area or at the remote Start, which are in public areas. 
Sunday. Toilets will be available at the event parking, and near the event center.

Warm-up clothing
For both days, clothing may be left at the Start call-up lines, and picked up near Download.

Directions to Event Parking

Saturday: Parking for the Saturday courses will be at Ridley Creek State Park. The park entrance on Gradyville Road is at 39.955671, -75.451581.
From the NE, E and SE, follow Rte 3 west from the Rte 476 (Blue Route) for 6.1 miles to Edgmont. Turn left (south) onto Providence Road for 1.4 miles, and turn right (west) onto Gradyville Road. The park entrance is 1.1 miles on the lefthand side.
From the NW, W and SW, from Rte 202 follow Rte 926 eastwards for 4.2 miles, and turn right (south) onto Rte 352 for 2.4 miles. Turn left onto Gradyville Road (east) and follow for 1.3 miles to the park entrance on the righthand side.

Sunday: Parking for the Sunday courses will be inside the Tyler Arboretum grounds.  The Arboretum entrance on Painter Road is located at GPS coordinates 39.934544, -75.442768. 
From the NE, E and SE, follow Rte 1 (west) from Rte 476 (the Blue Route) for 5.4 miles. Turn right on Rte 352 (north) for 2.2 miles, and then turn right onto E Forge Road, which leads to Painter  Road and the Arboretum.
From the NW, W and SW, from Rte 202 follow Rte 926 eastwards for 4.2 miles, and turn right (south) onto Rte 352. After 3.7 miles, turn left onto E Forge Road, which leads to Painter Road and the Arboretum.

Download PDF showing the back way to Rte 926 from the Days Hotel. This road bypasses Rte 202, and leads to the event sites for both days.