Delaware Valley Orienteering Association


Chasing the Star

Three A Events - WRE Sprint, Middle, & WRE Long

US Team Trials 2008

Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Saturday, May 24 - Monday May 26, 2008

Registration List & Start Times

Monday Results

Sunday Results

Saturday Results

Change History
May 22Minor clarification to Hickory Run course setter's notes
May 22Start Times Posted
May 21Controllers Notes Posted
May 21Directions to South Mountain updated
May 21Directions to Lehigh University
May 20Directions to Camp Shehaqua
May 18Monday course setter's notes posted
May 20Final Monday course details posted
May 17Final Schedule Posted
May 16Free Hickory Run model event added
May 16Orienteering Gear vendor change
May 15Registration closing date for Team Trials and WRE clarified
May 14Clarification on recreational course fees
May 13Final Sunday lengths, climbs, and # controls posted
May 13Orienteering Gear Vendor info added
May 10Sprint Course Setter's Notes updated
May 8Ride sharing to/from Hickory Run
May 5Team Trials information added
May 5Shirts are no longer available
May 5Minor updates and clarifications for Model Event
May 1Course vetters announced
Apr 29Update on use of spikes
Apr 29Event headquarter info and maps
Apr 29T-Shirt design and artwork added
Apr 28Child care will be available
Apr 27Early registration extended one week to May 3
Event Officials
Event Director Sharon Siegler
Registrar John De Wolf
1033 South New Street
West Chester, PA 19382
Map Coordinator Eric Weyman
WRE & IOF Consultant Mike Minium
Saturday Course Setter Randy Hall
Sunday Course Setter Sandy Fillebrown
Monday Course Setter Steve Aronson
Course Vetter Sprint: Tom Overbaugh
Middle: Ralph Tolbert
Long: Ron Bortz
Start Information
  • Saturday Sprint: 2:00 pm to 5:45 pm. WRE runners will start between 2:00 and 3:45, recreational runners will start at 3:45. Start is remote and a relatively steep climb. Runners should allow 30 to 45 minutes from the parking lot to Start for the walk and warm up. The parking lot is one block from the Brodhead House dormitory on the Lehigh Campus.
  • Sunday Middle: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. White/yellow/recreational is close to parking area; all other courses are remote (approximately 1.1 km from parking).
  • Monday Long:9:00 am. to Noon. Parking will be in the South Mountain Park lot at the top of South Mountain. Starts are close by (5 to 10 minute walk) for all courses.
  • Day 1: Sprint - Lehigh University Campus (OFF-LIMIT until after the Sprint)
  • Day 2: Middle Distance - Hickory Run State Park
  • Day 3: Long Distance - South Mountain, Lehigh University
Preview Maps
Two maps of areas of the Hickory Run map have been available in the past. One at 1:15,000 and the other at 1 :5;000 You can order preview copies of the maps (they may have courses on them). $3.00 for one, $5.00 for both. They will be mailed to you if ordered before May 10th.

Added Tuesday May 20:

Event Headquarters
Brodhead House
Intersection of Vine and West Morton St
Bethlehem, PA 18015
View in Google Maps
Directions: Use the directions to the Lehigh Campus.
  • From Route 378, going north, turn right at Broadway (traffic light at bottom of hill), right again on 4th St. at the next traffic light, then the second right onto Vine St. Vine is one way South in this block.
  • From Routh 378, going south, use the left hand turn lane onto 3rd st. at the end of the bridge. Turn right at the next traffic light onto Brodhead. Turn left at the next light onto 4th St, then the second right onto Vine St. Vine is one way South in this block.
  • From Interstate 78, use Exit 67. Turn right onto Route 412 North. Route 412 becomes 4th St. in Bethlehem. Approximately 3 miles, turn left onto Vine St. (one block from traffic light at 4th and New Sts.)
Lehigh University is a private research university located in historic Bethlehem, PA. The campus is over 100 years old and the architectural style and campus terrain reflects this. It is situated on the north side of South Mountain (a hill) and almost every building on campus has several "ground floor" entrances reflecting the hill's grade. Much of South Mountain is University grounds, wooded and open, with great views of the Lehigh Valley. Hickory Run State Park is located about one hour north of Bethlehem in rugged, scenic countryside. The terrain offers every challenge to orienteers, from steep, rocky areas to marsh to great expanses of white woods.
Map Info
  • Lehigh University - New map, 1:4,000, 2.5 m, ISSOM
  • Hickory Run State Park: Sand Spring Lake - New map, 1:10,000, 5m
    White and Yellow will use a 1:5000 version. (see DVOA eBoard thread concerning ride sharing to/from Hickory Run)
  • Star Village (South Mountain) - New map, 1:10,000, 5 m
This will be the inaugural event for the South Mountain map. Although many events have been held at Hickory Run State Park over the years, we will be using a new, completely refieldchecked 1:10,000 map; the new map covers a portion of the old map and a very small piece of additional terrain.
South Mountain is locally known for its steep sides, with one-way streets for winter weather. Students joke that they don't need exercise equipment because hiking the Hill is enough and that getting to class in winter is fast because they slide down from their dorms. The wooded area is rocky, although there are few boulders, and also includes some marshy ground. Because of the rocky ground and the campus stone/concrete walks, runners will want to bring their rubber cleats instead of metal.

Hickory Run covers the gamut, from the grassy, flat terrain at Sand Spring Lake to the cliff faces along the actual Hickory Run creek. White woods abound, but there's also plenty of mountain laurel and rhododendron, impassible in places. The Park itself has the famous Boulder Field, which, though not part of the competition area, is a good indicator of much of the ground, and there are many charcoal platforms.

Both areas have spectacular views and tricky terrain; runners' eyes will have a workout.

Model Event
There will be a Model event on the morning of Saturday, May 24th. The area will be a small section of the map used for the Long courses on Monday, May 26th. Competitors running either the Sprint or the Long courses may want to train there. The Model will not be repeated on Monday.

Differences between Mountaintop (model) and Main Campus.

  • Main campus is steeper, has more stairs, and is more detailed.
  • There are no gardens on Mountaintop. The olive green on Mountaintop is not representative.
  • Mountaintop is laser printed, Main Campus is offset with overprinting.


Hickory Run Model Event (free)

There will also be a model event at Hickory Run State Park. The model event map will be included in the registration packets or competitors may print their own copy.

The model event will be open Friday through Sunday. There are streamers at the control sites and while there most likely will be flags there at some point, don't count on it. There will be no punches. The start and finish are at the picnic pavilion at the south end of the large parking lot near Sand Spring Lake. See the park map for directions.

The terrain in this area is somewhat different than the competition area as the forest here is primarily coniferous, which is not the case in the competition area. However, there are many things in this area that are quite relevant, such as the mountain laurel, rhododendron, contour detail and permanent course markers, and the model control sites have been selected to take you near these features.


Park Map

Team Trials
The team that will represent the United States at the 2008 World Orienteering Championships will be chosen at this A-event. For some specific information about the trials portion of the event, see

Part of the Team selection process is governed by a Review Panel. The 2008 Team Trials Review Panel will consist of:

  • Tom Hollowell Jr.
  • Kristin Federer
  • Kris Beecroft
  • Peggy Dickison
  • Ken Walker Sr.
  • Linda Kohn
  • Peter Gagarin

A petition from anyone unable to attend the Trials should be submitted to Peter Gagarin by e-mail. Please make sure it is submitted in a timely fashion. For further information on the rules regarding petitions (aka Exceptions to the Scoring List), see:

Course Information

Controllers Notes

M21/WRE: 2 pm
F21/WRE: ~3 pm
Non-WRE: ~3:45 pm - 5:45 pm

Tentative Course Lengths:


Winning times for top US runners are expected to be in the 17:30 - 18:30 range in keeping with times in WOC qualifier races.

PLEASE NOTE: Metal spikes are strictly forbidden on the Sprint course!

Sprint Course Setter's Notes(updated May 10)


Final Course Details:

CourseLengthClimb# Controls
RedX (men)4.26016014
RedY (women)4.04016015
GreenX (men)3.72015014
GreenY (women)3.33013513

Hickory Run Course Setter's Notes (Updated May 22)

Hickory Run State Park Map


Final Course Lengths


Monday course setter's notes posted

Special Feature X - Concrete Bin
Special Feature X - Concrete Bin

Special Feature Y - Fire Ring
Special Feature X - Fire Ring

Recreational Courses
The recreational courses will use the same White and Yellow courses as the competitive events (including the Sprint). The recreational course cost is $7.00/map for non-members (a group can use one map), $5.00/map for Scout/Youth Group/other orienteering club members, and $4.00/map for DVOA members.
Yes; details later
Brodhead House, an air-conditioned dormitory on the Lehigh Campus, plus many hotels and campgrounds in Lehigh Valley. Brodhead House is one block from the main Sprint event parking area (Brodhead Lot) and minutes from an extensive array of local restaurants.

Lehigh dorm rooms are 4-person air-conditioned suites. Some suites have two double rooms; others have one double and two singles. Note on the registration for which nights you need and who you'd like to room with. We'll accommodate your requests as best possible. Dorms are $33.00 per night per person. Lehigh supplies the sheets, blankets, towels, pillows and people make their own beds. Cleanup is done at the end by Lehigh. NOTE: Lehigh accommodations are available Saturday and Sunday nights only. The campus is OFF-LIMITS before then.

Hotel Guides

First amount is for any one event, second for two, and third for all three.
Postmarked before or on May 4$23/46/62$12/23/31
Postmarked no later than May 17th$30/60/80$20/40/50
Postmarked after May 17th$40/80/120$25/50/75
$3.00 discount per course for USOF, COF, and IOF members ($1.50 for juniors)
No entries for the Team Trials or WRE will be accepted after 11:59pm, on Wednesday May 21
Ice Cream Social
Instead of an event dinner, there will be an Ice Cream Social on Sunday afternoon at Hickory Run after the competition. The Social is free but donations will be accepted to support the Juniors. There's plenty of room for spontaneous sports plus the park also has swimming at Sand Spring Lake.
Restaurant Guides
Sorry, shirts are no longer available.

We are offering a technical short sleeve T-shirt, manufactured by AxisGear, who have recently made shirts for US and Canadian National Teams, as well as many North American clubs. The shirt will be made from 100% hydrowick fabric, with sublimated printing (i.e. NO silk screening, so the shirt will keep its full wicking properties). The manufacturing process for these shirts takes four weeks, so please make sure you order them in time.

Shirt Details

T-Shirt Design T-Shirt Artwork
Chasing the Star Shirt Design Chasing the Star Art Work
Child Care
Child care is now available. Cost is $5 per hour per child. A $20 deposit is required; unused hours will be refunded. Both sites have in-door facilities. Contact the Registrar for payment.
Orienteering Gear Vendors
Berman Orienteering Supply will be at Chasing the Star for the Saturday and Sunday events.
Event Schedule

Schedule updated on Saturday May 17:

  • Saturday changes: packet pickup location, time and place to pick up room keys, dropped the Saturday social hour
  • Sunday changes: packet pickup location, added award ceremonies
  • Monday changes: added registration, info for the recreational runners

Wednesday May 21
11:59 pmEntry deadline (cutoff) for WRE & Team Trials

Thursday May 22
11:59 pmStart lists posted

Saturday May 24, Lehigh University
9:00 amRegistration begins at Brodhead House
11:00 amLower campus closed to Sprint competitors
11:00 amModel course opens at Mountaintop Campus
1:00 pmModel course closes
2:00 pmCheck-in opens for Brodhead House at Campus Square D
2:00 pmWRE Starts for Sprint
3:45 pmrest of Starts for Sprint
5:45 pmlast Starts for Sprint
7:00 pmRegistration closes
10:00 pmCheckin closes for Brodhead House at Campus Square D

Sunday May 25, Lehigh University
8:00 amDorm check-in opens for late arrivals at Campus Square D
10:00 pmDorm check-in closes for late arrivals

Sunday May 25, Hickory Run State Park
9:00 amRegistration (Packet pickup) at Camp Shehaqua
11:00 amFirst Starts for Middle Distance courses
2:00 pmLast Starts for Middle Distance courses
3:00 pmIce Cream Social begins
3:30 pmAward Medals for Sprints
4:00 pmAward Medals for Middle Distance

Monday May 26, Lehigh University
9:00 amRegistration begins at South Mountain Park
9:00 amFirst Starts for Long Distance courses
12:00 NoonLast Starts for Long Distance courses
2:00 pmAwards ceremony
Special Notes
Runners may NOT wear metal cleats on the Sprint as there is a lot of concrete and stone where spikes might prove a hazard to the wearer and/or scar the stone surfaces. Metal spikes are permitted on the Middle and Long events.

The Campus proper will be off limits until after the Sprint.