Fox Chaser A-Event

Fox Chaser A-Event, March 30-April 1

Delaware Valley Orienteering Association

Fox Chaser 2-Day A Event

and the

2007 US Interscholastic Championships

Fair Hill, Maryland

Friday, March 30 - Sunday April 1, 2007

Monday Results




Day 2

Day 1

At the March 3 meeting, the USOF Board of Directors voted to change the scoring method used for the Interscholastic Championships, effective with this year's event. The details are posted here.
Event Director Nancy Sharp
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Registration Information

Participants are strongly encouraged to use the on-line registration system.

On-line registrations are confirmed immediately if Paypal is used to pay all entry fees. There is a $1 per competition day surcharge if Paypal is used. If Paypal is not used, registration is confirmed when the Registrar receives signed waivers and all entry fees.

Competitors may register for either the Fox Chaser 2-Day A Event or the 2007 US Interscholastic Championships. The Fox Chaser 2-Day A Event is for individual competitors competing in the standard USOF classes. The 2007 US Interscholastic Championships is for individuals who are competing in one of the Interscholastic classes and those competing in the Interscholastic Team categories:

  • ISPM – Interscholastic Primary Male, White Course
  • ISPF – Interscholastic Primary Female, White Course
  • ISIM – Interscholastic Intermediate Male, Yellow Course
  • ISIF – Interscholastic Intermediate Female, Yellow Course
  • ISJVM – Interscholastic Junior Varsity Male, Orange Course
  • ISJVF – Interscholastic Junior Varsity Female, Orange Course
  • ISVM – Interscholastic Varsity Male, Green Course
  • ISVF – Interscholastic Varsity Female, Brown Course

If you are competing in the Interscholastic Team Competition, you must be registered in one of the Interscholastic classes. Please read the eligibility requirements for details about rules and eligibility requirements for interscholastic classes and teams.

Although there is no US Championship category for Primary School teams, DVOA will be presenting team awards to Primary School teams. Schools that would like to enter Primary School teams should use the team registration form and indicate that the team is a Primary School team. Teams are a minimum of three and a maximum of five competitors who must compete in either ISPF or ISPM on the White course. Team scoring, for this category only, will be the sum of the best three times of team members each day, regardless of whether they are male or female.

If you are not using the on-line registration system, please use the following forms:

Interscholastic Teams

To register a team for the Interscholastic Team competition a designated Team Coach must submit a Team Registration and certify that the team meets all eligibility requirements. Please use the Team Registration Form. Note that all team members must be registered individually for the event in addition to the team registration.

Entries in each Interscholastic Class will be limited to 90 participants. Entries will be on a first come - first serve basis for fully paid entries with complete information and signed waivers. Schools and/or JROTC units will be limited to 15 competitors per class initially; if there are still open slots in a class after March 1, 2007, additional entries will be allowed. There are no entry limits in the standard USOF age classes.

Completed entry forms and/or waivers and payment should be sent to the Registrar:

Sandy Fillebrown
824 Scotia Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 19128

Checks should be made payable to DVOA.

For registration questions contact the Registrar. Email at the following address is strongly preferred:

Home Phone: 215-482-9479 between 6pm and 9pm only (East Coast time).

Friday, March 30
  Model event - 2:00 to 6:00 (no charge)
Directions to model event are the same as for the event center.
  Registration/packet pickup - 2 to 9 p.m
Packet pickup will be at the event center
Saturday, March 31
  Registration/packet pickup - Opens at 8:00am
  Day 1 courses - first starts 10:00am
  Sprint - tba
  Recreational Courses, Starts from 12:00 to 2:00
  Dinner - tba
Sunday, April 1
  Registration/packet pickup - Opens at 7:30am
  Day 2 courses - first starts 9:00am
  Recreational Courses, Starts from 11:00 to 1:00
  Awards - 1:00pm (approx)
Recreational Courses
  White and yellow only. Start windows: Saturday, 12 noon to 2 p.m., and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., with a two-hour time limit. Fee: $5 per map for DVOA, $8 for non-members.
Bus Transportation
  • There will be bus rides to start and finish both days.
  • Saturday: bus ride to start is about 10 minutes. Walk to start from bus drop is very short, one to two minutes.
  • Sunday: bus ride to start is about 15 minutes. Walk to start from bus drop is 10-15 minutes.
  • Porta-potties will be available at the bus drops.
Course Details
  Course Setters' Notes
Day 1
Classes Course Length Climb Ctrs
F-10; F-12; M-10; M-12; F-White; M-White; ISPM; ISPF White 2.85 km 70 m 10
F-14; M-14; F-Yellow; M-Yellow; ISIM; ISIF Yellow 4.11 km 95 m 10
F-16; F-Orange; ISJVF Orange Y 4.81 km 95 m 10
M-16; M-Orange; ISJVM Orange X 4.86 km 95 m 10
F55+; M65+; F-Brown; M-Brown Brown X 3.91 km 160 m 8
F-18; ISVF Brown IS 5.19 km 230 m 11
F-20; F35+; F40+; F45+; F50+;F-Green Green Y 5.21 km 230 m 12
M-18; M50+; M55+;M60+;M-Green Green X 5.89 km 240 m 17
ISVM Green IS 6.09 km 235 m 13
F-21; M-20; M-35+;M-40+; M45+; M-Red Red 8.20 km 350 m 23
M21+ Blue 12.64 km 480 m 26

Please note the change in name of 2nd brown and 3rd green courses from Day 1 to Day 2 - IS on Day 1, V on Day 2

Day 2
Classes Course Length Climb Ctrls
F-10; F-12; M-10; M-12; F-White; M-White; ISPM; ISPF White 2.6 km 115 m 10
F-14; M-14; F-Yellow; M-Yellow; ISIM; ISIF Yellow 4.1 km 135 m 10
F-16; F-Orange; ISJVF Orange Y 4.8 km 155 m 9
M-16; M-Orange; ISJVM Orange X 5.2 km 170 m 9
F55+; M65+; F-Brown; M-Brown Brown X 4.5 km 160 m 11
F-18; ISVF Brown V 5.5 km 220 m 13
F-20; F35+; F40+; F45+; F50+;F-Green Green Y 5.5 km 165 m 13
M-18; M50+; M55+;M60+;M-Green Green X 6.8 km 255 m 16
ISVM Green V 6.7 km 255 m 18
F-21; M-20; M-35+;M-40+; M45+; M-Red Red 9.1 km 300 m 21
M21+ Blue 12.8 km 435 m 26
Entry fees if entries are postmarked on or before March 9, 2007:
  21 & older $20/day
  20 & under $10/day
Late entry fees if entries are postmarked after March 9 and on or before March 19, 2007:
  21 & older $30/day
  20 & under $15/day
After March 19 and on or before March 26, only on-line entries with full payment by Paypal will be accepted.
  21 & older $30/day (plus $1 PayPal fee)
  20 & under $15/day (plus $1 PayPal fee)
No entries after March 26.
USOF/IOF member discount
  Adult (21 and older) $3/day
  Junior (20 and under) $1.50/day
E-card rental: $2/day
Saturday afternoon Sprint: $8.00   (non-sanctioned event)
Preview map of Fair Hill: $5 per map
  (If registering on-line include address in comment field or email to Registrar.)
Saturday night dinner (Junior Team Benefit)
  • Adults (Ages 12 & older): $12.00 per person
  • Children (Ages 6 - 12): $6.00 per person
  • Children Under 6: No charge
Souvenir T-Shirt - $12
Sprint Race

A sprint course will be offered on Saturday afternoon as part of the 2007 Sprint Series. It will be worth 40 points.

It's an easy and fast course with intermediate to easy-advanced level of navigation.

Map: Fair Hill - Big Elk Chapel; 1:5000; Contours: 5m.

Sprint: 2.69km, 12c, 60m;

The area used for the sprint is open, white woods offering high-speed running. Please pay respect to any areas mapped green.

The sprint course will be open between 1:00PM and 3:30-4:00PM Saturday with 1-minute start intervals. There will be a sign-up sheet available at Registration area, so please sign up ahead of time to make sure you get out early. Otherwise, just line up at the start to go out.

If you didn't register for the sprint in advance, don't worry. You can register for it anytime on Saturday and enjoy a good time running in the best parts of the woods.

Sprint director: Vadim Masalkov

  Fair Hill is located at the intersection of MD routes 213 and 273 in the far northeast corner of Maryland. It should be easy to locate on any state map.

From I-95 Southbound – Take exit #1 at Rte 896 north toward Newark (U. of D.) Follow 896 through Newark 2.5 miles to Main Street. (Rtes 2 and 273) There are two left turn lanes. Stay in the far left lane. After about a block the three routes divide, Rte 2 bears left, Rte 273 bearing to the right, and Rte 896 turning to the right. Follow Rte 273 (middle road) for about 6 miles and watch for O’ signs to Fair Hill parking on left.

From I-95 Northbound – Take exit #100 to Rte 272 north. Go approximately 6 miles to Rte 273. Turn right (east) onto Rte 273 and go approximately 6 miles. Watch for O’ signs to Fair Hill parking on the right shortly after you cross Rte 213. (Note: there is no exit on I-95 at Rte 213.)

Note: There is a $3.00 toll on I-95 at the DE/MD border in both directions. You may want to plan your travel accordingly.

If you are staying in the Elkton area, Rtes 316 (turn left at Rte 273) or 213 (turn right at Rte 273) would be your best choices.

Click here for map

  • Lum’s Pond State Park, Delaware – 15 miles/25 minutes to event center
    62 family sites w/o hookups: $22/night
    6 family sites with electric: $25/night
    2 yurts: $47/night
    Campground opens March 1
    Ph: 877-987-2757
Newark, DE:
  • Howard Johnson – 10 miles/20 minutes to event center
    I-95 & SR 896
    1119 S College Ave, Newark, DE
    Ph: 302-368-8521
    Special rate: mention DVOA
        - 2 dbl beds: $75/ night
        - 1 king: $69/night
    Complementary continental breakfast served 6 – 9 a.m.
  • Quality Inn University – 10 miles/20 minutes to event center
    I-95 & SR 896
    1120 S. College Ave, Newark, DE
    Ph: 302-358-8715
  • Courtyard by Marriott-Newark at the University of Delaware – 6 miles/12 minutes
    400 Pencader Way (just off 896 N of Newark)
    Ph: 302-737-0900
  • Embassy Suites Newark/Wilmington South – 10 miles/20 minutes to event center
    I-95 & SR 896
    654 S College Ave
    Ph: 302-368-8000
  • Sleep Inn Newark – 10 miles/20 minutes to event center
    I-95 & SR 896
    630 S College Ave, Newark,
    Ph: 302-453-1700

Elkton, MD
  • Econo Lodge – 8.5 mi/17 minutes to event center
    I-95, exit 109B
    311 Belle Hill Rd, Elkton MD
    Ph: 410-392-9007
  • Hampton Inn Elkton - 8.5 mi/17 minutes to event center
    I-95, Exit 109A
    2 Warner Rd, Elkton, MD
    Ph: 410-398-7777
  The dinner has sold out. There is a possibility that we will be able to accommodate a few more; please send email to the registrar if you would like to be placed on the waiting list.
  • Will benefit US juniors
  • Vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections
  • Location: Newark, DE
  • Menu
    • Baked boneless chicken breast with mushroom gravy
    • Stuffing
    • Buttered parsley potatoes
    • Green beans almondine
    • Garden salad
    • Assorted dinner rolls and breads
    • Fruit salad and assorted cakes, pies, and cookies
    • Ice tea, gatorade, coffee and hot tea
  • DVOA is celebrating its 40th anniversary. We hope you'll join us for a celebration dinner.
  • Cost:
    • Adults (Ages 12 & older): $12.00 per person
    • Children (Ages 6 - 12): $6.00 per person
    • Children Under 6: No charge
  • Limited to 160 people
Bag Lunches
  Bag lunches will be available for both Saturday and Sunday, supplied by Boy Scout Troop 51. The cost is $6.00 per lunch. The lunch will include a sandwich, granola bar, chips, drink and desert. The standard sandwich will be wheat bread, turkey and American cheese. If you would like to change the sandwich, email Dawn Singley at with details. Other choices are white bread instead of wheat, ham or roast beef instead of turkey and provolone instead of American cheese. All lunches must be pre-ordered and paid for with your registration.
Souvenir Shirts
  • Raglan 3/4 sleeve baseball style
  • Over the heart print of the 2-color fox chaser logo on front
  • Large 6-color jester fox on back
  • Sleeve colors:
    • Red
    • Royal blue
    • Kelly green
    • Gold
  • Note: Shirts will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. If you wish to reserve a specific color, please specify in the notes section when registering. If using paper registration, make a note on the registration form.
  • Design by Bob Gross
  • Cost: $12
  • Front & back logos:
Fox Chaser Shirt Design
Day Care
  Parents wishing to use the child-care service should include a $10 deposit with their registration. The $10 will cover one child for two hours. Additional hours and/or children will be charged on-site at the rate of $5/hr for the first child and $2/hr for each additional sibling. Care will be provided on-site during the time parents are competing.
Preview Maps
  There are two preview maps available. One is a 1:15,000 map of the entire Fair Hill park. The other is the Big Elk Chapel map, a 1:10,000 map of the southern half of Fair Hill. These maps were both used at the 2005 US Long Champs. The maps for this year's Interscholastics will be 1:10,000 for all courses and are of the northern half of Fair Hill. Note that the northern half of Fair Hill (all areas north of MD route 273) have been embargoed for a year and are strictly out of bounds before the event.