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Summer Mailbox Madness Events!
  • Topic created by joeymcgarvey on Fri Jun 7, 2024 at 1:56 pm
    Joey McGarvey (joeymcgarvey)
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    Hi everyone—

    Two Mailbox Madness events are up. The first is in Manayunk on Wednesday, June 19. The second is in Swarthmore (was originally going to do Fitler Square, but too many mailboxes!) on Wednesday, July 17. They're both early evening events, beginning at 6 pm. We may have a third in September, or we'll keep it to a two-event summer series. We're going to do cumulative scoring with the winter series!

    As always, these are $5, casual training runs with a score-O format and a mass start. We will likely have some kind of Mappy Hour after each, if you're interested in a drink (and/or, given the time of the day, dinner).

    More info here.

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