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Quail Hill Thank You
  • Topic created by Gillettejw on Sun Mar 12, 2023 at 9:31 pm
    John John Gillette (Gillettejw)
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    Wow, What a day!  165 Starts and mainly youth!
    There are a lot of thank yous to go around for a successful day.  Thank you to to Dave Morgan and Mary Frank for holding down a very hectic check-in.  Mary also helped with making order out of chaos at download and with vetting some controls.  Thank you to the Burton's  who set up one of the most efficient start chutes for a Sunday event.  Thank you also to Dave Urban and Bob Burg who filled in to let the Burton's get out on a run.  Thank you to Mark Frank who held instruction for many first time orienteers. Mark was also essential in clean up and packing the kit for Dave to transport to Bob Fink.    Thanks to Robert "Mud Man" Frank who helped in numerous areas and battled the bog-land in control pick-up.  Thanks to Kathy Urban for coordinating permissions and for spelling me on the computer.  Between the trhons of cadets and the obstinent printer, the computer position got a bit hairy.  Thank you to Vadim who saved the day on results with a printer fix (this was the first regular event with OE12) When the day was done, we had many volunteers to help clean up.  Thanks to Mitch and Donna Zimmer, Kathy and Dave Urban, Kyle Sullivan, Laura Adduci, Bob Burg, Ernie Schubert, and Robert Frank for helping us clear the course quickly.  Last but not least.  Thank you to Meg Hammond for he dedication to six outstanding courses and her close coordination with the Scout Camp.  Looking forward to the next adventure in the woods, wherever that will be.
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