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Quail Hill Event This Sunday
  • Topic created by bobburg on Thu Mar 22, 2018 at 0:19 am
    Bob Burg (bobburg)
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    Here are the course stats for Quail Hill --

    White 2.1k     50m 13 ctrls
    Yellow 2.9k     82m  13 ctrls
    Orange 4.2k    125m 15 ctrls
    Brown 3.7k    105m 12 ctrls   
    Green 5.2k    168m 15 ctrls
    Red 8.0k    240m 23 ctrls

    Unfortunately you won't be able to run or walk these courses until next Fall.

    Yes, there will be a foot of snow in Quail Hill Scout Reservation by Thursday morning. And there won't be much less by Sunday.  

    So we apologize to those who have been waiting years for the opportuinity to orienteer in 8+" of encrusted snow. But we have thought better of it, and enthusiastically invite you to come next Oct/Nov (once we find a date we can reschedule the camp).

    We promise the courses offer great terrain and plenty of route choice and would have made a great event if this were actually truly Spring.  But alas, the March of the serial nor'easters say "no".........no, no, no, no, no......

    When leaves atart falling off the trees, we promise to schedule better weather.  We overlooked that detail this time around.  Instead, go make good use of what we hope is the final snow of the winter.
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