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Inviting You to DVOA's Last Event of 2018
  • Topic created by bobburg on Thu Nov 29, 2018 at 10:11 pm
    Bob Burg (bobburg)
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    We warmly invite you (as in temperatures topping just above 60 degree warmth) for a day that will test your map reading, route choice, and navigation.  The invasive stiltgrass is now a brown mat on the ground throughout the park making the Rutgers Ecological Preserve as runnable as it gets through its variety of terrain, still displaying the slowly receding effects of Sandy's 2012 hurricane.

    A number of scouts and cadets will be joining us with their enthusiasm, Orange and above will visit newly mapped terrain, and no one will leave exhaused by climb or rock features which do not exist in this Preserve. Cool  (Go to the website's schedule for course distances and climb.)  So in light showers that will diminish throughout the day, we invite you to one last orienteering run through the woods.  Just be sure to get back to Finish before we start pickup no later than 3pm.

    Registration, Start, and Finish are all in closeby areas near the parking lot on Ave E.  And we offer everyone helping out for an hour or more that they can run their course for free.  We promise great courses in engaging terrain that will reward your drive to the edges of DVOA land.

    See you all on Sunday.  
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