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Return to the Water Gap

November 1-2, 2003

hosted by the

Delaware Valley Orienteering Association

at the

Pocono Environmental Education Center

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

* * * Results * * *
Overall Results
Saturday Splits (pdf)
Sunday Splits (pdf)
Saturday Splits (txt)
Sunday Splits (txt)
Thanks to Valerie Meyer for providing all the results
US Team Challenge Race
Saturday Rec Results
Sunday Rec Results
Sun (WYOBnGxRBl)
Sun (Gy)
Sat (WYOBnGxRBl)
Sat (Gy)
Start Times
Course Setter's Notes and Other Information (Oct 28)
US Team 1K Challenge and Fundraiser (Oct 29)
Housing Information (Oct 29)

October 29 Pool and Showers PEEC has just informed us they are having difficulty finding life guards for us and so the pool may not be open. If it is, the time will be 4:00pm-6:00pm not 3:00pm-5:00pm as posted earlier. There is a 25 person limit in the water at any one time, so if it gets crowded, please limit your stay accordingly.

The showers in the pool locker rooms will be available for competitors to use on Saturday and Sunday.

October 20 Course Information
Note: The climbs marked with a plus sign (+) were updated on October 27.

Saturday Course Info
Course Length Climb
White 2.52 km 85 m
Yellow 3.43 km 150 m
Orange 4.76 km 230 m+
Brown 3.64 km 180 m+
GreenY* 4.57 km 195 m
GreenX** 5.18 km 265 m
Red 7.41 km 390 m+
Blue 11.07 km 580 m+

Sunday Course Info
Course Length Climb
White 2.36 km 110 m
Yellow 3.34 km 130 m
Orange 4.49 km 120 m
Brown 3.71 km 115 m
GreenY* 5.33 km 180 m
GreenX** 5.96 km 205 m
Red 8.09 km 285 m
Blue 12.17 km 395 m
* All female classes on Green are on Y
** All male classes on Green are on X

September 19 For those NOT staying at PEEC, you may purchase tickets for Saturday night dinner for $10 per adult and $5 for those 10 and under. It will be in the PEEC cafeteria. I'm not sure of the menu, but the PEEC food is always good and always plentiful. If you have already registered and would like to add the dinner please contact the registrar. The option is now available on-line for those who have not yet registered.

September 19 On Saturday, there will be a bus ride and then approximate 500m walk to the start and a 500m walk and then bus ride back to PEEC from the finish. On Sunday, there will be a bus ride and 500m walk to the start for all courses except White. White will have a short walk to the start from the main PEEC building. The finish for all courses will be at PEEC. Times for the bus rides and more exact distances for the walks will be posted on the web page soon.

September 19 There will be White and Yellow recreational courses available on Saturday but ONLY White recreational on Sunday.

September 19 The only course that we plan to split is Green: all female classes will be on GreenY and all male classes will be on GreenX.

Maps: Stuckey Pond and Spackman Creek, two 1:15,000 overlapping maps used for the 2000 US Championships. Fieldwork and drafting by Mark Dominie, 1999-2000. The terrain is rolling with an abundance of medium-sized contour features. There are numerous ponds and streams but fewer than average rock/cliff features with almost no stony ground. The vegetation varies from extremely open pine forest to moderately open hardwood forest with denser areas of newer mixed forest.

Courses: All standard USOF courses and classes will be offered with winners determined by two-day totals.

Event Center/Directions/Parking: The Event Center will be the Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC), located in the NE corner of Pennsylvania in the Delaware Water Gap NRA. PEEC is south of Dingman's Ferry, PA just off US Rt. 209 which runs along the west side of the Delaware River between I-80 and I-84. O-signs will be posted from Rt. 209. Parking is at PEEC. There will be buses from PEEC to the start at least one day.

Staying at PEEC: The PEEC facilities include primitive cabins and a cafeteria. Each cabin has heat, electricity, a bathroom with hot shower and 3 or more bunk beds. There are no modern amenities such as TVs or phones. Lodging at PEEC is available as a single package only. The package includes 2 nights (10/31 and 11/1) and 6 meals from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. Lunches will be bag lunches. No single nights or partial packages of any kind are available. For availability of different size cabins, check the website or contact the registrar; there are very few medium cabins. Entire cabins can be reserved by paying for the minimum people required; otherwise the registrar will make cabin-mate assignments. An optional linen package (sheets, pillow, blanket, towels) is available for an additional $10 per person. Rates per person for the weekend:

2-4 years
5-10 years
Medium (3-4 people) $59.50 $90.00 $119.00
Large (5-7 people) $47.50 $72.00 $95.00
X-Large (8 or more) $42.50 $65.00 $85.00

Please complete the Housing Request and send it to the housing coordinator (see address below). Please contact the Housing Coordinator if you have any questions about housing.

Other Accommodations: This area of the Poconos is home to several large resorts offering weekend packages. There are also numerous motels in Stroudsburg, PA (on I-80, about 45 minutes south) and in Milford, PA (on I-84, about 30 minutes north).

Camping: Primitive camping and possibly one or two less expensive cabins will be available at the nearby Girl Scout Camp. For details and reservations contact:

  Email Janet Porter

Electronic Punching: SportIdent electronic punching will be used on all competitive courses. SI-cards can be rented for $2 per competition day.

Child Care: Babysitting will be available at the Event Center for a charge of $5 per child per day while competitors are on courses. Babysitting must be reserved in advance and prepaid by Oct. 11.

T-Shirts: Short sleeve,$13.00 ($15.00 for XXL)

Important Dates and Times:

10/11/03 Last day to postmark registration to avoid
late fee of $5 per day of competition.
Last day to reserve babysitting.
10/31/03 Registration and check-in at PEEC from 4-10pm.
11/1/03 Starts from 10am-1pm.
Registration and check-in at PEEC from 8am-1pm.
Recreational registration open from 11am-12:30pm.
11/1/03 US Team 1K Challenge
11/2/03 Starts from 8:30-11:30am.
Registration open from 7-11am.
Recreational registration open from 9:30-11am.
Awards at 1:30pm.

Fees: (Includes parking and the day use of PEEC facilities.)

Adults (ages 19 and over)$20 per day ($25 after 10/11)
Juniors (ages 18 and under)$13 per day ($18 after 10/11)
USOF or IOF Federation discount$3 per day
SportIdent e-card rental$2 per day
Recreational Courses$5 per map
Maps leftover from the 2000 US Champs$4 for each map; include SASE and indicate course if you have a preference.
T-Shirts$13 ($15 for XXL)

Event Personnel:

Event Director Sandy Fillebrown
Email Sandy
Registrar Jason Tong
21 Woodcliff Dr.
Madison, NJ 07940
Email Jason
Housing Valerie Meyer
Housing Coordinator
2305 S. Buchanan ST
Arlington, VA 22206
Email Housing Coordinator
(703) 671-3655 before 9 P.M. EST
Course Setters & Vetters Mark Cornish & Chris Gross (Day 1)
Fred Kruesi & Tom Overbaugh (Day 2)

Registration: Please use the web registration if at all possible. Links for the online registration will be posted during the summer of 2003. Registration is not final until payment is received. Otherwise use a standard USOF entry form and mail to registrar.