Return to the Water Gap
November 1-2, 2003
US Team
1 Kilometer Challenge and Fundraiser
The US Team is organizing a short, fast 1 km, 6 control course around the edge of the main camp area at the WaterGap A-event this weekend. If you are coming to this event, please consider adding this course to your weekend (it's only 1 km, fairly easy at that, starting from near the Saturday download area, so you'll still be in your O' clothes, and there's even a prize!)

What is it?
A 1 km, 6 control race around PEEC. While you are still in your O' clothes, try this course!
When is it?
Saturday, Nov 1. Starts from ~11:30am to 3:00 pm.
Where is it?
The start will be near the download area, at the end of your Day 1 A-event course, at DVOA's Return to the Water Gap A-event.
How much is it?
$5.00 (minimum donation to the US team)
(No money on hand? Run now, pay later!)

Re-runs encouraged, with unlimited timed re-runs for another $5.00.
What can I win?
Everyone who beats his or her goal time* (on the first run, or a re-run) will be entered into a random drawing for a World Orienteering Championships 2003 'Long' Course Map, signed by the members of the 2003 US Team to the World Championships.

*Your goal time is based on how many points you are worth in a US Relay Champs:

Relay PointsGoal Time
0 (M21)6:00
1 (M-20,M35+)7:00
2 (F21,M-16,M50+)8:00
3 (F-20,F35+,M-14,M60+)9:00
4 (F-16,F50+)10:00
5 (F-14,F60+)11:00
Still have questions? - Contact Wyatt Riley.