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Fort Washington Thank-You
  • Topic created by BobF on Mon Apr 24, 2023 at 8:34 pm
    Bob Fink (BobF)
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    Thanks to everyone that turned out on Sunday to experience the updated Fort Washington map.  It seemed like everyone enjoyed their day in the woods in spite of a few snafu’s with the results.

    These events would not be possible without a large group of willing and able volunteers and I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge and thank everyone that made the event possible.

    Of course there would not have been an event without the hard work of Bob Burg who spent all winter updating the map and then setting interesting and challenging courses.

    Dave Morgan held down the check-in/registration table and helped with setup and cleanup of the area.  Bob and Pat Burton and Dave Urban worked the Start area, making sure that everyone got the correct map and starting them off on their courses with encouraging words.

    The e-punch computer was staffed by Kathy Urban, Sandy Fillebrown and Kyle Sullivan, with some last minute technical assistance from Sam Kolins.  A special thanks to Kyle who was originally scheduled to run a course, but when he decided not to run still came out to see if there was a way he could help.  Kyle was invaluable taking the middle shift on the computer.

    A special shout-out to Kristina Lengel who was curious about orienteering and decided to volunteer as a way of finding out what orienteering is all about.  Kristina spent some time helping in each of the areas and got a first-hand look at everything that goes into the running of an event.  We hope to see her back soon to get out into the woods and experience a course for herself.

    Finally our control pick-up crew made short work of getting all of the controls out of the woods. The pick-up crew consisted of Petr Hartman, Mary Frank, Dave and Kathy Urban, Mitch and Donna Zimmerman, and Peter Hiland.

    The timing of the weather turned out to be perfect.  The rain on Saturday waited until just after we had finished hanging all of the controls and the last drops were coming down as I was hanging the directional signs on Sunday morning.  By the time the first participants were arriving the sun was fully out and I think the perfect weather added to everyone’s enjoyment.

    Thanks again.  It is a pleasure to be part of such a great group of people.

    Bob Fink - Event Director

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