2010 Service Award Winners


Bob lives on Lake Pine in Medford, New Jersey, near the eastern edge of our club territory, but he manages to attend most events. He's a natural choice to help with Pakim Pond, the Wharton Tract, and New Jersey scout events. Bob first heard of orienteering after seeing an article on the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Sports Section. He says he looked at the photo of someone running through the woods and jumping over a fallen tree. He read the article and wondered where this sport had been all his life. He was a good distance runner in high school, loved maps and the woods, so logged onto DVOA's website, drove out to Core Creek the next weekend, and fell in love with what he refers to as "this incredible sport".

Bob has been course setter or director for over twenty DVOA events and has field checked and drafted about the same number with Orienteering Unlimited where he has worked for the past five years with Ed Hicks, giving introductory O events for schools, scouts, and corporations. He was course setter for our Fall 2006 A event at Pakim Pond. Currently he is revising our Washington Crossing map, and has still more projects in mind. He regularly helps at our training weekend at Hickory Run and helped at last year's Junior Team Training. Bob joined DVOA in 2000 and is currently serving a five year term on the board of directors.

Bob listed one of his hobbies as volley ball and says he's a movie fanatic, a jazz aficionado, and a (largely dormant) artist who has found a wonderful outlet in OCAD map drafting. He enjoys following all major sports. He is self employed and is a Doctor of Naprapathy, using therapeutic treatment instead of drugs. He is founder of LiquidBody Therapy, is a personal life coach, and recently taught "Spiritual Aspects of Wholistic Health" at Drexel University.




Julie is from the western edge of our orienteering territory. Her primary club is Susquehanna Valley Orienteering (known as SVO) where she has served as president for three years, been their webmaster, and helped in many other ways. She still manages to attend many of our events, as well as national Class A meets. We are honoring her because of her wonderful photographic coverage of orienteering events. Her photos appear regularly on our website, www.dvoa.org. Take a look if you haven't seen them by checking the Photo Gallery. Those of us who can't get to A meets feel almost as if we've been there. Her photos include both the terrain and the people. Her close-up portraits are especially outstanding and help new members learn the names of others in the club.

Julie's first experience with orienteering was earning the Girl Scout badge. She began attending SVO meets in 1994, competed in some of the early MidAtlantic Scout Championships, and she regularly helps with that event now. She lives in Lancaster and has been a member of DVOA since 2002. She works as a video editor for Channel 8 in Lancaster and her hobby is horseback riding.