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Yellow jacket awareness
  • Topic created by KyleS on Mon Aug 21, 2023 at 10:25 am
    Kyle Sullivan (KyleS)
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm posting this so everyone is aware for upcoming events:

    I received a general email this morning from a local hiking club I'm a member of sent by the president to all members warning people about bees (likely yellow jackets) on upcoming hikes. The email warns people of this due to multiple recent sting occurrences on club-organized hikes, and also states that bees have been more active this year/season. Those of you who were at this past weekend's Haverford Reserve event likely know I had to make a last-minute change to one of the courses due to not being able to place a control due to a yellow jacket hive essentially right at the control site resulting in me getting stung a few times when trying to place the control. In addition, a few weekends before, I was at French Creep with a hiking group and we hiked over a yellow jacket nest right on the trail resulting in a couple people getting stung several times. So it seems it's not just a one-off incidence from this past weekend with my control setting!

    Kathy Moss told me at Haverford that the yellow jackets are more irritable this season because of low amounts of their food (or maybe the food availability is just because it's getting late in the season for bees). Maybe something with the heat and weather recently plays into that? I don't know much about yellow jackets so I'm not sure...

    ... regardless, I just wanted to give this heads-up to be careful and aware as you're out there during the next couple months, and if you have a known allergy to stings, bring your EpiPen! It might save your life (or the life of someone in the woods who gets stung and doesn't have a pen)!
  • Reply by twalsh on Fri Aug 25, 2023 at 6:18 pm
    Tim Walsh (twalsh)
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    I had over a dozen stings at Ridley a few weeks ago.  I am not allergic to bee stings, but over a dozen?  Afterward I rrealized I would have been in a world of trouble if I did have a reaction.  I have not carried a whistle for a number of years but will from now on.
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