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Ridley Creek SP Sprint Thank you
  • Topic created by drads on Mon Aug 14, 2023 at 2:18 pm
    David Radspinner (drads)
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    I want to thank everyone for the help at Ridley Creek State Park.  I hope you liked the course, it was my first attempt in a very long time to design a course and I was working with a lot of green!  Most runners seemed to have fun with some interesting route choices.

    I want to give a special thanks to Sam for holding my hand during the entire process (site selection, Condes, Printing, control setting and pickup).  I really appreciate the help.

    Also great thanks to everyone elese for setup, running the registration, and pickup.  It turned out as a great day!!

  • Reply by skolins on Mon Aug 14, 2023 at 9:38 pm
    Samuel  Kolins (skolins)
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    A big thank you to Dave for taking on the challenge of course setting, especially at Ridely in the Summer.  It is always awesome to see new people jumping into desiging courses!

    Also a big thank you to Mark Frank, who helped up get permissions on short notice.  Deb Samans jumped in to help Dave with beginnner instruction during the early rush (we had a very good turnout for the white course).  The Urbans helped with sign pickup and then took the kit to its next destination - a huge help for both me and the next event director.  Last but not least, Dave Morgan was first to arrive and last to leave, helping with setup, registration, and cleanup at the end of the day!

    Thank you all and see you next week,

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