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Wilson Farm Park "Notes"
  • Topic created by AngelicaRiley on Thu Jun 9, 2022 at 9:06 pm
    Angelica Riley (AngelicaRiley)
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    Both courses aim to be very beginner’s friendly while still providing ample opportunity to explore cool route choices and navigate unique features. This park often has a lot of people in it on Saturday morning’s, walking their dogs, going on jogs, playing at playgrounds, etc. but a nice “excuse me!” or an “on your left” and they’ll get out of your speedy way ;). Since there are sometimes sports practices on the soccer/football fields, we ask that you be courteous of the out of bounds zones marked on the map. Even if there aren’t people playing when you run your course, make it fair to your competitors and pick a way around. Wilson Farm Park is definitely an easier park, but we still put our all into making these courses exciting for you! Have fun! 
  • Reply by wriley on Fri Jun 10, 2022 at 7:57 pm
    Wyatt Riley (wriley)
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    Clothing notes
    • shorts & t-shirt are fine.  It's hard to imagine cutting through any vegetation makes for a good route choice.
    • O' shoes with spikes or unspiked running shoes are fine - it looks unlikely to rain even slightly, until the afternoon.  About 25% of the optimal route will be on paved paths.  (You won't have to cross any parking lots or car-roads.)
    Out-of-bounds notes
    • Sports fields that are marked out-of-bounds, are out-of-bounds even if no one is using the Sports field (for fairness in case someone starts using a field mid-event.)
    • This includes the two sand volleyball courts - but (importantly :) the sand in between the volleyball courts is in bounds.
    Speedy notes
    • If anyone is willing and able to run 200m in 45 seconds or less - please check with Wyatt, who's aiming to set up a special Knockout-Sprint training for DVOA member, and USA Team member Sergei Ryzhkov - going to the Sprint Orienteering World Championships in Denmark later this month!
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