2001 Service Award Winners


Fred joined DVOA in 1991 and has since served the club in many ways. He was elected as a trustee in 1996 and moved up to vice president when Nancy Koehler moved away. He has served as the chairman of the education and clinics committee and the training committee. He is also currently the equipment administrator. Fred took over leadership of the annual Hickory Run training weekend from Jim Browne in 1995 and has done an admirable at this increasingly popular event. He is also one of the club's authorities on the O-cad computer mapping program and has helped teach others about computer-generated maps. Fred is also the creator of the software program "Clue," which enables meet directors to prepare the course clue sheets on the computer.

Fred is a computer programmer at Unisys and lives with his wife, Charlotte, in Exton. They have one daughter. Fred lists his hobbies as programming and hiking, and has hiked parts of the Appalachian Trail with fellow DVOAer Tom Overbaugh.




Ron has been involved with our club since 1983. He is also a member of the Appalachian Mountain Club and lists his hobbies as stamp collecting, reading and hiking. Ron has quietly volunteered whenever needed, often serving as event director for Delaware events. His wife, Phylliss, lists her hobbies as handcrafts and sewing. She has often pitched in and helped with registration or whatever else needs doing, and she has helped Mary Frank with educational programs. Together, Ron and Phylliss helped with DVOA's very successful corporate programs for Gore-tex last spring. They have also helped store and sort equipment, and Ron helped with the installation of the permanent course at Brandywine. He is also designing Day 1 courses for our spring A meet at Elk Neck.

Ron is a chemical engineer. He and Phylliss live in Wilmington and are looking forward to Ron's retirement, when they'll have more time to spend with their new granddaughter.




Jason joined DVOA is 1988 and immediately established a reputation as a reliable and willing helper, often called on to assist at New Jersey events. Our loss was the Rocky Mountain Club's gain when he moved to New Mexico in 1990, as he immediately became active in that club. We have welcomed him back to our area, where he continues to help however needed. Last summer he traveled to California to observe the Bay Area's first use of electronic punching in the United States and was instrumental in helping things run smoothly electronically at our fall A events. He has used Ocad to draft our maps of Colliers Mills and Washington Crossing. Jason is also currently serving as a club trustee.

Jason is an engineer with Lucent Technologies and lives in Princeton, New Jersey.