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Update on Core Creek Special Event
  • Topic created by bobburg on Tue Jun 5, 2012 at 10:38 am
    Bob Burg (bobburg)
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    Hi everyone.  We warmly invite you to come out to Core Creek this Sunday.  We've planned something for everyone.

    For sun worshippers, as promised, sunny and warm weather is arriving to replace the current cold and rainy days.  For advanced competitors, I've crammed in a 4.67 Advanced course that visits places DVOA has never used before.  For the socializing crowd, we're inviting people to bring a potluck picnic item to share and extend the afternoon (there is a barbeque grill at the pavilion).  And for families and group explorers, I'm offering a special Discover Core Creek Treasure Hunt that uses the White course, asking you to answer questions or complete a fun activity at each control.  (We ask for an optional donation for this event that we plan to donate to Core Creek.)

    So good weather, challenging courses, time to eat and talk, and a special twist.

    Core Creek is an enthusiastically used county park, full of expansive open lawns and picnic pavilions, surrounded by patches of woods, some sporting a complex trail system, some opening to patches of beautiful white woods.  Come join us as summer nears.

    Final course stats:

    White - 2.71k - 24m - 11 ctrls
    Yellow - 3.50k - 36m - 11 ctrls
    Orange - 4.70k - 45m - 11 ctrls
    Advanced - 4.67k - 60m - 11 ctrls

    P.S.  And of course, Jim Puzo and I could use a little help here and there.  See you this Sunday.

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