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DVOA Champions at US Nationals
  • Topic created by JanetT on Sat Sep 14, 2019 at 8:56 pm
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    (Copied from Facebook)

    US National Orienteering Championships were held this past weekend in California. Congratulations to our own 2019 US Champions!

    Anthony Riley is the new US long distance champion!!!
    Greg Ahlswede won the gold in the sprint!

    DVOA sprint relay team (Anthony Riley, Wyatt Riley and Sergey Ryzhkov) also brought home the gold!

    Congratulations to the rest of the DVOA US championship medal winners:
    Angelica Riley 1st place (F45+ sprint), 3rd place (F45+ middle distance)
    Oriana Riley 1st place (F-20 middle, long, and sprint)
    Anthony Riley 2nd place (middle distance)
    Greg Ahlswede 2nd place (long distance)
    Sandy Fillebrown 2nd place (F65+ middle distance), 3rd place (F65+ long distance and sprint)
    Sergey Ryzhkov 3rd place (middle distance)

    Also a shout out to DVOA member Janet Tryson who represented EMPO to win 1st place in F65+ in sprint, 2nd in long distance, and 3rd in the middle!

    View all the results here:
    2019 US Nationals results
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