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Funding cuts for PA parks & trails
  • Topic created by dreider on Wed Jun 12, 2019 at 8:16 am
    Diane  Reider (dreider)
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    I've been made aware that funding for PA's parks & trails could be cut.  I've sent a note to my state representative.  There are links at the bottom of the note with more information and how to find/contact your representative.


    From Growing Greener Coalition Website:

    Governor Wolf’s proposed 2019 state budget slashes $75.7 million this coming year from the Keystone Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund and the Environmental Stewardship Fund (Growing Greener) in order to pay for government operations. Please take action to stop this disaster in the making.

    From Diane: In the past the hiking community has been able to stop other funding cuts and attacks on our state parks. A few years ago, our state government wanted to open our parks to development and allow for profit organizations build for profit businesses on our park land. Our community spoke up and the idea was stopped in it's tracks. When the game commission wanted to charge a fee/permit to use it's lands, we spoke up. It's time to be heard again. I'm putting 3 links below for more information and how to act. Don't delay, the budgets are being negotiated now. Pass this on to anyone or other meetup groups that have an interest in our parks.








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