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Hickory Run Training Weekend - help needed
  • Topic created by Nancy on Mon Sep 3, 2018 at 10:42 am
    Nancy Sharp (Nancy)
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    Reminder: we are a volunteer-driven organization, and volunteers are needed all weekend to ensure a good experience for everyone.

    Sunday event
    - We need volunteers to assist with starts. I've set up two short shifts. Times can be adjusted.
    - We also need people to pick up controls at the end of the event. The more helpers we have, the faster pick-up goes, and the sooner we're all out of the woods and headed home.
    - You can sign up for both roles by clicking on the 'volunteer to help' link on the event schedule.

    KP (Kitchen patrol)
    - We can always use extra hands in the kitchen, especially helping with clean up after a meal. Please check in with kitchen staff to see where you might be needed.

    CP (Cabin patrol)
    - At the end of the weekend, we need to ensure we leave the camp in good condition. We ask people staying in the cabins to clean up after themselves (cabins swept clean, all trash put in the cans in the lavatory buildings in each camp unit, bags from all cans taken to the dumpster behind the dining hall before leaving on Sunday).
    - We perform a cabin check to make sure this is done before the ranger comes through and makes their check on Sunday. 
    - If you're willing to help, identify yourself to registrar Ralph Tolbert when you check in.
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