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Col. Denning SP event - 6/17
  • Topic created by robw on Tue May 29, 2018 at 7:16 pm
    Rob Wilkison (robw)
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    The final regular event of the spring (or first regular event of the summer) will be held in SVOland on Sunday, June 17.  Colonel Denning State Park is probably the only mapped area in Pennsylvania that does not significantly thicken up in the summertime.  There are a few small areas of barberry bushes, but otherwise it is open woodland.  Because the area is in a rather narrow valley, climb on the advanced courses is around or a little over 4%, but the course lengths are slightly shorter than normal.

    Course information:         length                      est. climb                 no. of controls

    Blue                               7.7 km.                      335 m.                         17
    Red                                6.2 km.                      270 m.                         14
    Green                            5.3 km.                       220 m.                         11
    Brown                            4.2 km.                      165 m.                         10
    Orange                          3.4 km.                       125 m.                         10
    Yellow                            2.2 km.                        90 m.                           8
    White                             1.5 km.                        45 m.                           7

    Course setters:  Rob Wilkison - Blue, Red, Green and Brown courses
                            Jacob Moore -  Orange, Yellow and White courses

    Parking/registration/start and finish will be at a large parking area and pavillion in the middle of the park.  Just at the other side of the lake from the parking area is a small lake with a swimming area.  No mstter how hot you get on your course, if you go into the water you will be immediately chilled.  Unfortunately, the park campground is closed for renovations.

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