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Inviting Your Advice and Your Help at Four Mile Circle
  • Topic created by bobburg on Mon Apr 23, 2018 at 9:40 am
    Bob Burg (bobburg)
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    First -- I need our Blue runners counsel.  It struck me yesterday that with Junior Nationals in NE this weekend, that most (all?) of you will be traveling to that event.  I don't want to print Blue course maps, and set out a few additional controls (the most remote ones) that will never be used.  I am offering a 7.2k Red course (with an extremely arduous 60m of climb.  Will that suffice for those of you who like to stretch out your legs the most? Please let me know.  (If enough of you will be staying in town, it wouldn't be any bother to add a Blue.) I only wish I could have scheduled this event in May and have you all run on the newly revised map, but I wanted to avoid all the blueberry leafing out.  Been there, done that.

    Second -- While we have a core group running the event, I definitely hope we can entice some of you to come early (9 or 10am) and help us set up everything and start the event off.  OR for some of you come run a course first, then relieve our morning people when you finish. An hour or two would be really really appreciated and make it more fun for everyone.  And you'll get your course for free.  Such a deal!

    Please post a response here, or contact me directly at bburg at comcast dot net.  Thank you.  

    P.S. Details about the event and courses should post on the event schedule sometime today.
  • Reply by Vadim on Tue Apr 24, 2018 at 11:36 am
    Vadim Masalkov (Vadim)
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    Most of the runners who usually runs Blue courses will be out of town, so, please save your course for another season. The rest of us will be happy with Red course.

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