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Anyone have a Metal detector for a Perm O search repair job in Holmdel NJ
  • Topic created by BRycharski on Sun Mar 18, 2018 at 8:49 pm
    Bob Rycharski (BRycharski)
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    Primary Club: DVOA
    Fav map: Rutgers Preserve
    First O: 1976
    Hello DVOA members a special request

    New request, I am trying to find the locations of 5 or 6 Missing in Action (MIA) Perm O Markers buried or covered by Mud in Holmdel park, county park by lots of leaves and mud and dirt.  In Holmel Park - Holmdel NJ,  aka free HVO permo map, many markers are still present - but Holmdel park Orienteering OJ/White markers  need maintenance ...markers #  4, 5, 6 (6 crushed by rootstock in 2013), markers 7, 8 and 11  ... they are missing and I could use/borrow a metal detector ...  to hopefully relocate them ( once I find the metal markers).   these markers were by park request posted low  on cinder blocks by Jerry Smiths son as an Eagle Scout project in 2003 timeframe.  Lets discuss Metal detector use and or loan of same on breaks at upcoming Quail hill DVOA O meet if you are or know someone who can lend me a detetor maybe attending 25 march  (I will be there all day).  I would then arrange to return it at a future DVOA O meet.  Thanks in advance. Bob Rycharski

    PS this shows why Perm O metal markers really should be on posts or structures vs at ground level on blocks
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