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Wilson Award Applications due soon!
  • Topic created by j-man on Fri Nov 24, 2017 at 9:32 pm
    Clem McGrath (j-man)
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    Iain Wilson was an accomplished orienteer who represented the USA in the World Cup in Norway and Denmark, in the Swiss Alps for the World Student Champs, and in the Scottish 6 Days. In 2000 he was the United States night orienteering champion. Throughout, he was proud member of DVOA and advocate for our club far and wide. For years.

    He stood for determination, drive, and the willingness to put in hard work…to go the extra mile. Not once in a while, but every day. He understood that where you start doesn’t have to define where you finish. Whether it was mastering orienteering, running a certain time on the track, becoming fluent in a new language, or developing the perfect bread recipe, once Iain put his mind to something, he would always find a way to meet his goal. While Iain’s life was tragically cut short in 2008, his legacy lives on through his family and friends. By creating this award, we strive to support young athletes in Iain’s sport of choice. Through this endeavor we hope we can help them develop their own character and sense of purpose.

    The Iain Wilson Character Through Competition Award is presented annually to individuals who have displayed outstanding character in orienteering. The award is intended to assist with the cost of education, training, and travel to local, regional and international orienteering events. Awardees will be selected for their commitment to growth and improvement rather than recent performances or rankings. The awardees might not be the fastest or the best with a map. They will show competitive spirit, friendship, and qualities that leave others feeling good about the world. It is the indefinable support that some individuals provide that the committee hopes to encourage. Awardees will be role models and mentors for future generations of orienteers. They will remind us of who Iain was and for what he stood.

    Some of the best up and coming young orienteers in the country have already been honored with Wilson Awards over the past few years. It is a cash award, which can be used with great flexibility to fund competition, travel, and training.

    There is nothing Iain would have liked more than to see some of DVOA’s finest juniors following in his footsteps.

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