Why I Love Hickory Run

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by Sandy Fillebrown

(This article was originally written for the fall 2009 edition of the Briar Patch, DVOA's newsletter.)

On November 6 & 7, DVOA will host an A-Event on new maps at Hickory Run. The new maps cover a part of the park that hasn't been mapped before, so these are brand-new maps, not remapping of old maps. I'll be setting some of the courses; I've spent many days this fall wandering around on the new maps, and I'm really excited. I just love the terrain at Hickory Run, mostly because there is just so much variety.

The work to prepare for the A event started a couple of years ago when the terrain was first field checked. Now, several of us on the "technical team" - those involved in the course setting - have been spending time getting to know the area. Over the next few months the map will be fine tuned, the courses will be planned and all control sites visited by several people. The courses will be test run and then control descriptions reviewed. By the time the event rolls around, a few of us will know the new maps like they're our own back yards. And then the rest of you will get to enjoy it, too.

But for now, I'm just in the "getting-to-know-you" stage. I thought I'd give you a brief tour.

There are big rocks
Big Rocks

and little rocks
Little Rocks

There are hardwoods and evergreens;

birch trees
Birch Trees

and rhododendron.

There are big wide meadows with panoramic views
Meadows and Views

and small little open areas tucked in the forest.
Open Areas

There are small streams you can step across,
Small Streams

streams you can rock-hop across, and others where you're very glad there's a bridge! Footbridge