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In orienteering, a Junior is generally defined as any orienteer age 20 or under. The age divisions in place in orienteering make it very easy to compete against just other Juniors. However, there are not as many Juniors as there are older orienteers.

DVOA’s Juniors have started small and grown to a larger and larger group. Several high schools in the area have gathered enough members to compete as a team at the Junior Nationals in the past. Those who aren’t able to compete with other people from their school are allowed to make a team with other members from their club.

There are many Juniors in the club who are determined to improve their skills in order to compete at a higher level. Hopefully, with these dedicated athletes DVOA’s juniors can continue to compete at a high level throughout the country, and beyond.

Various Junior competitions take place yearly throughout the country. The most notable competitions are the Junior National Championships, and then any National Championship or National Ranking Event, plus JROTC Championships for qualified teams.

Another goal which many Juniors strive for is to qualify and attend the Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC). DVOA is proud to have had several members compete at the World level.

DVOA Juniors at JWOC

A number of DVOA Juniors have qualified to compete at the Junior World Orienteering Championships, now and in the past.

Junior Training Activities

In addition to getting together and comparing routes at local events, DVOA Juniors can take part in training camps such as the Texas Junior Orienteering Camp, typically held in early June, and the DVOA annual training at Hickory Run State Park in early September. Juniors compete at National Ranking Events, and at the annual Interscholastics and Intercollegiate competitions which are part of Junior Nationals.

Ready for some deja vu?

Back in 2008, DVOA juniors trained and competed together, and took part in the DVOA National Event held on the Star Village map at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. How many of these juniors still compete in orienteering?

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