2024 OUSA Nationals

2024 Orienteering USA National Championships

Friday–Sunday, October 11–13, 2024
Scranton, Pennsylvania

National Ranking Events sanctioned by Orienteering USA,
presented by Delaware Valley Orienteering Association

October 11 — Sprint Championship at Nay Aug Park in Scranton, PA
October 12–13 — Middle and Long Championships at Merli Sarnoski County Park, Lackawanna County, PA

Save the dates! Information will be added as it becomes available.

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October 12-13th Middle and Long M/F-21+ Courses
are sanctioned by the IOF as World Ranking Events (WREs)

Embargoed Areas

NOTE: Nay Aug Park and Merli-Sarnoski County Park (along with some surrounding private land) are embargoed until the event. See map below.



Maps & Courses

Nay Aug Park

  • Nay Aug Park was established in 1893. The name Nay Aug traces its origin to the Munsee Indians, a sub group of the larger Lenape tribe. In their language Nay Aug means ‘noisy water or roaring brook.’ The Munsee settled along the banks of the Roaring Brook and were a peaceful group mostly committed to fishing and farming.

Merli-Sarmoski County Park

  • Merli-Sarnoski Park, dedicated in 1978, is named after Lackawanna County Congressional Medal of Honor recipients Gino Merli and Joseph Sarnoski.






Event Officials

  • Event Director: Sandy Fillebrown
  • IOF Event Advisor: Takashi (Tak) Sugiyama (BAOC)
  • Registrar: Patty Carrigan
  • Course Design
    • Sprint: Karl Ahlswede
    • Middle: Greg Ahlswede
    • Long: Glen Tryson
  • Lead Vetter: Petr Hartman
  • Starts: Steve Aronson
  • Results: Sam Kolins and Lena Kushleyeva
  • Refreshments:
  • Awards:
  • Event Webpage: Janet Tryson

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