Tuesday/Thursday Night Training

If you are interested in improving your orienteering in the New Year, don't forget that DVOA hosts informal, twice weekly training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30 PM.

We have two venues:

  1. Tuesday: Forbidden Drive and the Wissahickon
  2. Thursday: Penncrest High School/Tyler Arboretum/Ridley Creek State Park

They generally don't involve orienteering training (aside from occasionally on the days with late sunset in the summer) but are mostly focused on physical training. However, people of all abilities are welcome, from walkers to runners. It is a very friendly crowd that can accommodate anyone.

The training aspect typically lasts for an hour and we then generally adjourn for an informal pot-luck dinner.

For more information about Tuesday training, please contact Sandy Fillebrown; for Thursday, Clem McGrath.