DVOA O-Suits

New O-Suit

Please contact Mary Frank for information concerning how to order an O-Suit.


The graphic design reflects a compromise, reflecting many people's input, which, we hope, acknowledges DVOA's storied tradition while looking to the future. The colors are more or less those we've had for some time; the composition is meant to suggest speed and efficiency while being accessible to a wider audience than just current Orienteers.

It prominently features "DVOA" and "Orienteering" on the back, with our logo on the front (where "Delaware Valley Orienteering Association" is spelled out). It also has the manufacturer, Axis Gear, on both sleeves and the front.


After a great deal of research we decided to go with Axis Gear, (http://www.axisgear.ca/home.asp) a performance apparel designer and manufacturer from Toronto, Canada. We are confident in them for a number of reasons:

  1. Recommendations from people we trust. Unlike many other manufacturers, Orienteers we know and trust have had a relationship with this firm for some time. They have done extensive work with Canadian orienteering groups and have just been selected to provide the Orienteering Kansas suit.
  2. Quality product. They offer well-made, well-designed products that look, feel, and perform great.
  3. Accessibility. We had extensive conversations with the company to discuss the minutia of this process. The level of access and customization we have enjoyed is unparalleled. We have met with the company in person, on site in Canada - which would have been an expensive luxury if dealing with a European company.
  4. Cost. Axis Gear offers competitive costs for the final product (See below).
  5. Involvement with Orienteering. Axis Gear has sponsored races and organizations in Canadian Orienteering. They are very entrepreneurial and have given back to the North American Orienteering community.


Based on informal polls, we discovered that some people want short sleeves, some people want long sleeves, some people a looser fit, and others a performance fit. We wanted to offer an orienteering suit that would appeal to a diverse community of our club, and decided to offer four different combinations (short sleeve-loose fit; short sleeve-form fit; long sleeve-loose fit; and long sleeve-form fit). We hope that all our members will be able to find a DVOA suit that they would like and will be proud to wear. We also strived to make the suits affordable, and tried to provide options to cut costs.


We are offering suits in the "Boulder" (http://www.axisgear.ca/flash/NewBoulderT-Shirt.html) style and in the "XCR" (http://www.axisgear.ca/flash/XCR_b.html) style. The Boulder will be made in a "relaxed" fit option, and the XCR will be form fitting.

The Boulder will be made in "QuickDry" fabric-a tight-weave, performance fabric. The XCR will be made in CoolMax, a similar, but slightly more expensive performance fabric. (See http://www.axisgear.ca/styles.cfm?style_group_id=1 for detail about the fabric choices.) The committee members have worn both of these configurations many times in the DVOA orienteering terrain and find both to offer a very comfortable feel that is as cool as virtually any fabric, and is fairly impervious to thorns and sticks.

The XCR will have a zipper front; the Boulder will not.

The logos on all shirts will be done though a process called dye sublimation. Basically, this process permanently transforms the fabric into whatever color we want, without affecting its breathability. The colors remain vivid for the life of the shirt.

Sizes are availabe from Adult Small to X-Large. There is an additional $3.00 fee for size 2XL.

Jersey Prices:


Boulder short-sleeved $65.00
Boulder long-sleeved $70.00
XCR short-sleeved $75.00
XCR long-sleeved $80.00


The pants are offered in navy CoolMax fabric (to exactly match the color of the tops) and will feature the DVOA and Orienteering text on the upper leg.

They fit much like spandex tights but are slightly looser. They do feel a lot lighter and cooler than any spandex tights, however. Axis Gear does not currently offer trousers in a traditional orienteering fit, but they are looking into this as a possibility for the future.

We did not do extensive design work on these in order to keep the cost down, mindful that many people will be most interested in the jersey.

Atak: Designed for high performance with bushrunning in mind. It features super light & extremely tough AirLite fabric on the front legs and ultra wicking & breatheable Hydro Quick fabric on back legs.

Pace: Similar to the Atak, less formfitting without the coolmax & knee panels.

Pants Prices:

Pace $38.35
Atak $62.35



Please contact Mary Frank for information concerning how to order an O-Suit.



Special thanks to Bob Gross for generating a wonderful logo, to Hunter Cornish for motivating this process and providing design inspiration, and to the innumerable people that have provided creative design ideas, and helpful suggestions and comments along the way. We hope that the final product reflects what makes DVOA great. Please direct any questions to the E-Board so that everyone may benefit from the responses.