Event Directors: Janet Porter & Ed Scott
Course Setters: Janet Porter & Ed Scott

Individual Scores - Water

NameGroupControlsCourseTimePointsOT PenaltyScore
David & Marjorie EvansG210Water48:451000100
Brett Kutscher 10Water54:281000100
David Kerst 10Water56:531000100
M & S ZimmerG210Water64:301000100
Tom Kelso 10Water67:541000100
Donna Zimmer 10Water68:091000100
Dory Peterson 10Water72:251000100
Jim Thull (QOC)G210Water72:591000100
Dan Barker 10Water73:001000100
Julie Keim 10Water75:481000100
Karl Peterson 10Water79:291000100
Andrea Hartley 10Water79:591000100
Ben BalcerG210Water81:561000100
Siegler & AronsonG310Water84:281000100
K. Urban & S MonesG210Water87:431000100
Gene Kieczkajlo 9Water55:1290090
Karl Ahlswede 9Water78:3590090
Rick Whiffen 6Water70:0080080
Sandy Ahlswede 8Water73:4380080
L&K GeistG210Water92:441004060
Richard & Mary PlunkettG25Water82:3755055
Gala Rokhinson 10Water93:401005050
Kevin Allen groupG33Water47:2120020
Matt & Beth AllenG22Water42:2110010
Richardson groupG46Water95:2050500
Zac Barker 10Water100:281001000

Individual Scores - Land

NameGroupControlsCourseTimePointsOT PenaltyScore
Carl MarcusG211Land88:5750050
Bill Shannon 10Land83:2847047
Mitchell Evans 10Land81:0645045
Michael Forbes 10Land84:1845045
Jennifer & Chris LauruhnG210Land87:1045045
Diane Reider 10Land87:1945045
Jim Thull (QOC)G28Land82:1844044
Udaya Bollineni 9Land88:4544044
Dave Urban 9Land75:3642042
Sheryl Meyer 8Land84:0938038
Steve Mones 9Land85:0037037
George Hart 7Land53:5133033
Davis Evans 8Land85:3329029
Rob Wilkison 12Land92:30502129
Kathleen FixG26Land69:0225025
S & S JohnsonG26Land81:2525025
Susan Engard 13Land96:57634419
Pat Keim 10Land94:12453114
Knox, Declan, SeamusG33Land89:2212012
David Kerst 2Land129:30707
Kathy Urban 7Land93:2633267
Philip Salen 6Land103:2424240
Dan Barker 13Land109:0572720
Bob Meyer 14Land109:0774740
Peter Hartman 15Land112:2292920
Zac Barker 14Land119:0774740
Hill Kutscher 12Land120:5258580

Team scores

NamesWater PointsLand pointsTotal points
D. Peterson & D. Reider10045145
D-M Evans & M. Evans10045145
Thull & Thull x210044144
Kelso & Wilkison10029129
Whiffen & Bollineni8044124
Kieczkajlo & Hart9033123
K. Peterson & S. Engard10019119
David Kerst x21007107
B. Kutcher & H. Kutcher1000100
Dan Barker x21000100
Zac Barker x2000
note: "x2" means the same person or team did both the land and water courses.